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Market researchers – also known as research analysts or market analysts – gather, organize and interpret data that businesses use to make critical decisions. They may work as freelance consultants or company employees.

In their role, they produce reports that communicate information about public perceptions, the size of target markets, competitors, and industry changes to help businesses stay abreast of major trends in their sector, warning against potential pitfalls and identifying opportunities for growth. They have experience with quantitative research methods, including dataset analysis and statistical techniques.

To help businesses better serve their consumer base, market researchers collate and analyze survey data, and some even conduct ethnographic research into the homes, workplaces, and neighborhoods of their market base.

A successful market researcher has a demonstrated capacity to:

  • Design data-generating behavioral research experiments – including fieldwork, surveys, and focus groups – and analyze datasets
  • Make data-driven recommendations to corporate clients
  • Use relevant software to gather and manage research findings
  • Explain complex research findings simply and directly to a range of audiences, from clients to customers
  • Prepare written reports on data findings and orally present them in a cogent and compelling way

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, job growth for market researchers is extremely rapid at an anticipated 23% through 2026. The median annual salary for market researchers is $63,120. Employers seek researchers with expertise in the social sciences, statistics, data analytics, and related fields that require quantitative analysis.

Given the crucial role that market researchers play in strategic initiatives, they are respected members of an organization and are typically on track for promotion to more influential and senior positions.

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