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GSA Charter Groups

The GSA is pleased to provide funding and support to groups looking to implement programming around specific interdisciplinary interests and issues. GSA Charter Groups organize a range of social, academic, or professional events available to all GSAS students (e.g. field trips, lectures, workshops). Please see individual GSA Charter Group pages or contact us if you are interested in becoming involved with any of these groups.

The GSA is always eager to add new charter groups to our roster. Any GSAS student who is interested in creating and organizing a new charter group is welcome to submit a proposal to the GSA Council. Programming should include an event series that is diverse, budget-conscious, and highly inclusive.

To qualify as a GSA Charter Group, the following qualifications must be met:

  • Statement of the group's mission, purpose, and scope;
  • Nomination of one or two spokespersons to coordinate the group's activities with the GSA;
  • Roster of members (must be primarily GSAS students);
  • Meets on a regular basis (at least twice a semester)

A charter group must renew its status with the GSA once a year at the first GSA council meeting of the academic year.

Please contact for more information.