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Giving Day Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Giving Day?

Fordham Giving Day is a day for everyone who loves Fordham to join together to combine their support and maximize impact. The fifth annual Fordham Giving Day will take place on Monday, March 1 and Tuesday, March 2, 2021. The campaign will last 1,841 minutes, honoring our founding year of 1841. It will kick off at noon EST on March 1 and end at 6:41 p.m. EST on March 2.

Why Donate to Fordham on Giving Day?

For over 175 years, donors have played a vital role in making Fordham University a world-class institution. When you make a gift to Fordham, you help assure that this university will always be a place where leaders are shaped; a place where knowledge is born and creativity ignited; a place with the passion, talent, and will to take on and solve the world’s most pressing problems. Fordham Giving Day is an opportunity for donors to magnify the impact of their gift through various challenges and matching gifts.

What Challenges and Matching Gifts will Take Place on Fordham Giving Day?

Please view our current listing of challenges and matching gifts. These are a great way to amplify the impact of your gift to Fordham. Check back in on the Fordham Giving Day page once it goes live at 12 p.m. EST on March 1, 2021, for updated challenges throughout the day!

What Is a Social Media Ambassador?

Our Giving Day will be largely fueled by social media. A social media ambassador is someone who helps spread information and enthusiasm for Giving Day by incorporating Fordham’s messages and goals into their own social media activity. In other words, they simply talk about Giving Day with their friends and followers by sharing what we post about Giving Day and/or crafting their own posts.

Why Do We Need Social Media Ambassadors?

Many people believe that it’s not worth giving to a cause unless they can make a large donation. You can help us share that gifts of every size matter, and that giving is just as much about engagement as it is about dollars raised—that you give is just as important as what you give. In addition, because of the way social media works, not every message we post reaches every follower. As a social media ambassador, you can help us expand our reach. Finally, people are more likely to pay attention to their friends and family on social media. You’ve seen the impact a Fordham education has had in your life or in your students’ lives, and you can speak personally to our noble mission. No one is better suited to tell the Fordham story than you.

How Do I Become a Social Media Ambassador?

There are many ways to spread the word and show support for Fordham Giving Day:

Is There a Minimum Donation Amount?

Gifts of all sizes are welcome. Every gift matters!

Are There Tax Benefits to Making a Gift to Fordham?

Fordham University is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization (tax ID 13-1740451).

Why is My Fund Not Listed on the Fordham Giving Day Campaign Page?

This Fordham Giving Day, we are focusing on the priority funds of schools, colleges, and programs across campus, so there is only a subset of those funds on the Giving Day site. That being said, if you prefer to donate to a specific area of Fordham on Giving Day, you may do so! Simply fill out your school or program of choice under the “Other” option on the giving form.

Who Can I Contact with My Questions about Fordham Giving Day?

Please email if you have any questions regarding Fordham Giving Day.