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Fordham Forward General FAQs

When are Fordham campuses reopening?
The restart of Fordham University conforms with the Governor’s plan to restart New York. To monitor and regulate the phased reopening process of the state, Gov. Cuomo has established regional “control rooms.” The plan to fully restart Fordham is designed around four phases.

Students will be allowed to return to campus with social distancing measures in Phase Four of New York State's plan. New York City entered Phase Four of reopening on July 20. Undergraduate students will be welcomed back to campus for the fall semester, and they will be able to indicate their preference for learning fully online, in person, or a hybrid combination of the two. Many graduate programs intend to continue remote learning through the fall semester to accommodate the needs of adult students, as well as international students. For more information, please see FAQs for Students and Families.

How is the academic calendar affected?
The semester schedule has not changed. Classes begin on August 26 for undergraduate students and various dates for graduate students. However, the University will break at Thanksgiving, and undergraduate students will not return to campus physically until the spring semester begins. Remaining fall classes, reading days, and final exams will be held remotely. 

What precautions are being taken to prevent the spread of COVID-19?
As Fordham campuses reopen, the University is taking many measures to limit the spread of COVID-19 among our community including:

  • Operating at a lower density and instituting social distancing standards in all facilities
  • Undertaking enhanced cleaning measures
  • Requiring the use of appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Instituting mandatory universal testing for all faculty, students and staff
  • Pursuing daily health screening to monitor, trace, and isolate potential infections
  • Moving all final classes, reading days, and final exams online after Thanksgiving so that students do not need to return to campus until the spring semester
  • Educating around behaviors that minimize risk and support the health of students, employees, and our local community
  • Requiring every member of the campus community to follow the health and safety guidelines laid out in the Fordham Forward plan, and to sign The Ram Pledge

View details related to these measures.

Will I have to wear a face-covering?
Yes, all University staff, faculty, students, and visitors are required to wear a face-covering when in public indoor spaces which include hallways, elevators, stairwells, lounge areas, dining spaces (except when eating/drinking), event spaces, classrooms, laboratories, libraries, shared offices, and conference rooms.

Will I be provided with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)?
The University will distribute reusable/washable face coverings to all employees and students on Fordham campuses. Visitors should bring their own face coverings when visiting Fordham campuses, but Public Safety will have a supply of disposable face coverings for anyone in need. Other PPE will be provided as needed for specific areas and modes of work. Gloves are being supplied to public safety, custodial services, library services, and health services. Hand sanitizer stations and wipes dispensers will be deployed around campus. Learn more about the distribution of PPE.

Will my temperature be taken when I enter Fordham buildings?
Fordham will utilize a screening program called VitalCheck to screen and monitor staff, and students. Visitors, guests, or members of the Fordham community who are not able to utilize the screening program will be required to have a temperature check prior to being given access to campus. Learn more about the VitalCheck screening program.

Are students, faculty, and staff required to be tested for COVID-19? Will the University provide testing for COVID-19
The University has instituted mandatory universal testing for all faculty, students and staff. All students and employees who will be on campus will be required to get tested prior to arrival or when they arrive, and again at an interval to be determined after they have been on campus.

We will provide on-campus testing for students and employees with results within 24 hours, or as quickly as possible thereafter.

Employees: Please see the Employees FAQ for more testing information.

Students: Please see the Students and Families FAQ for more testing information.

I am traveling from another state or country to return to Fordham. Will I have to quarantine upon my arrival
International travel is an evolving situation. Fordham will follow the CDC’s recommendation that people quarantine for 14 days upon arrival in the USA from international travel. New York State also requires individuals traveling from designated states to quarantine for 14 days after arriving in New York. 

Students from distant markets (including international students) and hot spot markets identified by New York state, including other potential exposure cases, will be asked to quarantine. Please see the Students and Families FAQ for more information.

How will the University monitor the Fordham community for symptoms of COVID-19?
Fordham will utilize a screening program called VitalCheck to screen and monitor staff, students, and some visitors to campus. Visitors, guests, or members of the Fordham community who are not able to utilize the screening program will be required to have a temperature check prior to being given access to campus. Learn more about the VitalCheck screening program.

Will independent contractors, such as bookstore and food services employees, as well as other vendors that frequent campus also be screened before they arrive? 
Yes, all contract vendors who work on campus daily or on a regular basis will be required to adhere to all Fordham policies and protocols regarding testing and surveillance screening. Learn more about Vendor COVID_19 Guidelines.

How will visitors gain access to campus?

Visitors to any Fordham property will need to be screened prior to being given access to campus. Some visitors may be prescreened before arrival on campus. Visitors will undergo infrared temperature checks at designated entry points and face coverings will be available at entry points for all visitors.

What if someone on campus tests positive for COVID-19?
Anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19 will be required to self-isolate for an amount of time prescribed by the NYS Department of Health or their physician. Close contacts to the infected individual will be directed to quarantine themselves so as to prevent further spread. Provisions for self-isolation and quarantine are as follows:

  • Commuter and resident students who are able to travel to their homes will be directed to isolate or quarantine at their off-campus residences.
  • Residents with a positive test for COVID-19 who are unable to travel home will be isolated in designated residence hall rooms. Residents who are symptomatic or have been exposed to a COVID-19 positive individual will quarantine in their rooms pending their test result if possible. We will supplement these spaces as needed with off campus accommodations.
  • We have made provisions to provide ongoing support services, medical oversight through health services and food delivery to isolated students.
  • Employees who become ill on campus will be provided with guidance by the Office of Human Resources Management and/or Public Safety on how to isolate/return home, as well as quarantine requirements.

Contact Tracing
When an individual has tested positive for COVID-19, contact tracing tracks down anyone who might have been exposed to the infected individual for long enough to have put them at risk of infection. In coordination with the NYC and NYS contact tracing programs, Fordham will deploy its own contact tracing program. Fordham students, faculty, or staff who have received a positive test for COVID-19 will be contacted by a contact tracer and asked to share details of any close contact (defined as anyone they have been within 6 feet for 10 or more minutes during the four days prior to the positive test result or the four days prior to the first onset of symptoms, whichever period is longer). Contacts will be notified by the contact tracer of their exposure and will be provided guidance regarding quarantine and testing.

How will dining be affected?
In preparation for restarting Fordham Dining, Fordham’s dining partner is focused on promoting social distancing, implementing new levels of food safety, and revising all locations to provide safe service to customers from healthy staff members. Location modifications include:

  • Installing new protective barriers to help protect staff and guests
  • Reducing seating capacity and increasing spacing to meet social-distancing guidelines
  • Installing floor markings in dining areas to help guests and staff maintain the approved furniture layout
  • Eliminating self-serve stations
  • Converting all point-of-sale equipment for “contactless” transactions
  • Providing tented areas at many venues to expand on outdoor dining options

Learn more about modifications to dining spaces at Fordham.

Will athletics events be held?
No. Both the Atlantic 10 Conference and the Patriot League have suspended all collegiate athletic competitions for the fall semester.

Will Fordham host outside groups/events?

Once the campus reopens in Phase Four of New York State’s Reopening Plan, some outside groups may host events. A centralized committee will be charged with reviewing all event proposals and a set of guidelines is being formalized for event planners that aligns with HR policies established for faculty, staff and visitors, specifically around testing and tracing and social distancing protocols. 

Learn more about guidelines for de-densifying campus events.