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Program Requirements

Required courses

For the Combined Plan with Columbia, you can find the detailed specific requirements that must be fulfilled as a Fordham student at the following links (choose the link that corrresponds to the year you started classes at Fordham):

For Case Western, you can visit this link for more details. The courses listed show the course names and numbers of the partner institution, so we list the course equivalents offered at Fordham below.

Generally, for both programs, all students are required to take the following courses while a Fordham undergraduate:

MATH 1206 (Calculus I)
MATH 1207 (Calculus II)
MATH 2004 (Multivariable Calculus I)
MATH 2005 (Multivariable Calculus II)
PHYS 1601 & 1603 or 1701 & 1703 (Intro Physics I or Physics I)
PHYS 1602 & 1604 or 1702 & 1704 (Intro Physics II or Physics II)
PHYS 1511 (Physics I Lab)
PHYS 1512 (Physics II Lab)
CHEM 1311, 1321, & 1331 (General Chemistry I + Lab)
CISC 1600 & 1610 (Computer Science I + Lab)
ECON 1100 or ECON 1200 (Basic Macroeconomics or Basic Microeconomics) – this should be the course taken for the Social Science Core requirement.

The other requirements are automatically satisfied by the Fordham Core Curriculum.

For specific engineering majors, there are more requirements other than those listed above. To determine those, please view the requirements links above for the appropriate school.

The "translation" from Columbia courses and Fordham courses can be seen here: Course equivalents between Fordham and Columbia. If you have any questions about the specific requirements, contact the program director, Christopher Aubin, at