Fordham University Association Executive Committee

The Executive Committee of the Association meets monthly at lunchtime to plan activities for the academic year. News about events are communicated through this site, flyers and emails sent by the Association to the University community, and all employees are welcome to attend. If you are interested in becoming a member of the Executive Committee, or have new ideas for future events, please contact:

Jacqueline Gross, President
[email protected]
x0586 (Rose Hill Campus)

Calvin Brian Ghanoo, Vice President
g[email protected]
x3811 (Rose Hill Campus)

Donna Lajoux, Vice President
[email protected]
x6267 (Lincoln Center Campus)

Carol Murabito, Treasurer
[email protected]
x3182 (Rose Hill Campus)

Susan Manzino, Recording Secretary
[email protected]
x5902 (Rose Hill Campus)

Lincoln Center Campus Members
Kathleen Kennon            x7279
Donna Lajoux x6267
Rose Hill Campus Members
Francoisline Joy Freeman x2200
Calvin Brian Ghanoo x3811
Jacqueline Gross x4654
Susan Manzino x5902
Jeanne Molloy x4967
Carol Murabito x3182
Esther Morgan x4175
Rebeca Velazquez x3051
Hilda Vicioso x2600
Westchester Campus Members
Joan Cavanagh                   x3420
Grant Grastorf x3202

Honorary Members (retired)

Roxanne Bonilla
Eileen Burchell
Georgi Cali-Arendacs
Marilyn Force
Ann Gannon
Maureen Topf