American Studies Affiliated Faculty

African and African American Studies Department
Bentley Anderson, SJ
Race and religion in the Southern United States and South Africa in the post-World War II period.
Aimee M. Cox
Youth culture; arts in social change; embodied healing practices, collective identity, and community transformations in New York City; race and embodiment
Mark D. Naison
African American politics, labor history, popular culture and education policy
Art History and Music Department
Kathryn Heleniak
19th & 20th Centuries, European and American Art
Jo Anna Isaak
Modernism, Contemporary Art, Critical Theory, Curatorial Practices and Environmental Studies
Larry Stempel
19th- & 20th-century music
Communication and Media Studies Department
Robin Andersen
Media influence public opinion and social policy, including the links between advertising persuasions, consumer culture and environmental issues and policies
Amy Aronson
Gender, women's magazines
Albert Auster
History of film & television, film criticism
Jennifer S. Clark
Media studies
Arthur Hayes
Ethnic media ownership, journalism ethics, the history, theory and practice of press criticism and press critics, First Amendment doctrine and theory, democratic discourse theory, and the intersection of mass media law and mass media technologies
Gwenyth Jackaway
Media and society; media stereotypes of individuals with neurological differences
Alice E. Marwick
Social media, internet studies and new media theory, information policy, privacy and surveillance, feminist media studies, youth studies, consumer culture, celebrity, online identity and self-presentation
Thomas McCourt
History of media, communication technology, music and cultural studies, with particular focus on the relationship of technology to the public sphere
English Department
Edward Cahill
Early American literature, culture, and intellectual history; transatlantic eighteenth-century literature; aesthetic theory; material culture; queer studies
Mark Caldwell
Early modern literature; literature and science; American cultural history
Lenny Cassuto
American literature and culture; nineteenth-century African American literature; disability studies; creative writing
Daniel Contreras
Latino and American literature, postmodern theory, film studies
Maria Farland
Early American; modern American; literary & cultural theory
Beth Frost
Modern American; literary & cultural Theory; contemporary; creative writing
Glenn Hendler
Nineteenth-century American literature; cultural studies; critical theory
James Kim
Asian American literature and culture; eighteenth-century British literature and culture
Julie Kim
Eighteenth-century British studies; early American studies; the Atlantic world; colonialism, empire, and science; food studies
Rebecca Sanchez
Transatlantic modernism, disability studies, and poetics
Elizabeth Stone
Creative non-fiction; twentieth-century American autobiography and memoir; journalism
Dennis Tyler
African American literature; Nineteenth- and Twentieth-century American literature; disability studies; critical race theory; cultural studies
History Department
Christopher Dietrich
18th to 20th Century U.S. Foreign Relations, International History, Intellectual History, Political History.
Barry Goldberg
Late 19th and 20th century social history; history of labor; race and ethnicity.
Kirsten N. Swinth
U.S. since 1945; U.S. gender history and history of sexuality., U.S. cultural and social history; American Studies; history of visual culture
Modern Languages and Literatures Department
Arnaldo Cruz-Malave
Hispanic Caribbean Literature, New York in Latino Literature, Gender and Sexuality in Latin American and U.S. Latin Literatures, Latin American Neobaroque
Philosophy Department
Judith Green
American Philosophy, Political Philosophy, Feminism
Judith Jones
American Philosophy, Process Philosophy
Political Science Department
Jonathan Crystal
*International political economy, economic globalization, politics of international trade and investment
Tom DeLuca
American politics, democratic theory and practice, and civil and political rights
Christina Greer
American politics, black ethnic politics, urban politics, quantitative methods, and public opinion
Robert Hume
Constitutional law and judicial policy development, with particular emphasis on the impact of court decisions
Sociology and Anthropology Department
Ayala Fader
Religion, Anthropology of Judaism, Language and Culture, Gender, Childhood, Media
Jeanne Flavin
Criminal justice; reproductive justice; feminist criminology
Heather Gautney
Social movements, political sociology and public policy, social and political inequality, globalization, political and social theory, labor and workforce development
E. Doyle McCarthy
Sociology of knowledge and culture and in the interdisciplinary field of emotion studies
Micki McGee
Sociological theory, sociology of culture; academic labor in the digital age; disability studies
Chris Rhomberg
Urban and political sociology, race and ethnicity, labor and labor movements, and historical methods
Clara Rodriguez
Race/ethnicity, media, Latinos/as sociology
Emily Rosenbaum
Urban demography, inequality, immigration, housing policy, family/household demography
Theology Department
Christiana Zenner
Fresh waters, religious ethics, and ecological theories
Kathryn Reklis
Modern Protestant theology (18th century to the present); Modernity/postmodernity and religion; Aesthetics; Cultural criticism; Religion/theology in the digital age; Theology, religious practice, and popular culture
John Seitz
History of modern Christianity, American religions, Catholic Studies, and method and theory in the study of religion
*currently serving as Associate Vice President & Associate Chief Academic Officer