Stark Travel Award

Travel and experience the art treasures of Europe first-hand

Thanks to a generous donation from the Stark family, every year we award one prize to a junior art history major so that he or she can travel abroad to experience the art treasures of Europe. The Stark Travel Award offsets the costs for travel.

Applying for the Award

Calls for proposals are circulated in December; awardees use the funds during spring break or summer.  Deadline for applications for the 2020 Stark Travel Prize is January 31, 2020.

Preference is given to those who have not had the opportunity for extensive overseas travel.

Application guidelines:

1. Submit a one- to two-page double-spaced application essay that describes the project you wish to research overseas. The project must build upon material you have studied in a Fordham art history course, and you must provide an explanation of the ways that travel abroad will enrich your understanding of the material. Be sure to justify the importance of this particular trip in terms of your interests and intellectual development. You should outline a planned itinerary (what do you plan to visit and where?) and the length and timing of your trip. Please be specific about which monuments and museum collections you plan to visit.

2. A budget that provides an estimate of your travel costs in terms of roundtrip airfare (with starting and end points); internal transportation by train, bus, or other carriers; the cost of lodging; and daily cost of food for the number of days you plan to be away.

For a sample application, email Angela Michalski.

Previous Recipients of the Stark Travel Award

2017 Alayna Putterman, FCRH '18
2016 Gabriella Costa, FCRH '17
2015 Allison Burns, FCRH '16
2014 Elizabeth Zhangi, FCRH ‘15
2013 Kathleen Emerson, FCRH ‘14
2012 Janine Vicente, FCLC ‘13
2011 Rebecca Decker, FCLC ‘12 and
2011 Mechella Yezernitskaya, FCLC ‘12
2010 Karolina Chojnowska, FCLC ‘11
2009 Simone Mitton , FCLC ‘10
2008 Christina Healy, FCRH ‘09
2007 Michaela Ward , FCRH ‘08
2006 Michelle Pastor, FCRH ‘07
2005 Stephanie Luther, FCRH ‘06
2004 Martha Clippinger, FCRH ‘05
2003 Kerin Sulock, FCRH ‘03 (Fall)
2002 Erin G. O'Donnell, FCRH ‘02
2000 Jennifer Godlewski, FCRH ‘01
1999 Keira Dillon, FCRH ’00
1997 Dan Favata, FCRH ’98
1996 Otto Luna, FCRH ’97
1995 Jane Haag, FCRH ’96