Major in Art History

About the Art History Major

With a major in art history, you will study the great cultural achievements of western and global civilizations throughout history. You will consider art and architecture as it relates to the major trends in the history of our world:

  • Politics
  • Society
  • Economics
  • Literature
  • Philosophy
  • Theology

Studying art history allows you to delve into the material and issues central to Fordham’s mission to provide a strong liberal arts education.

Careers and Opportunities for the Art History Student

The art history program prepares you for a future in the arts. Whether you want to go on to a career in the art world or continue your studies in a graduate program, the art history degree will help get you there:

Graduate Programs

  • MA programs in art history
  • PhD programs in art history
  • Programs in museum education

Careers in the Arts

  • Galleries
  • Auction Houses
  • Art Publishing
  • Arts Foundations
  • Museum Development

Art History Major Requirements

Internships--Most art history students pursue and receive credit for internships at museums, galleries, or other arts organizations. For more information, see our art history internships.

Acceptable Grades. No course in which a student earns a D or below may be applied to the art history major.