Bronx Economy Project

Welcome to the Bronx Project!

This is an effort by Fordham economic students to create a valuable visual economic summary of the recovery and conditions in the communities surrounding Fordham University for community leaders, local business improvement districts and other local stakeholders. We will be drawing heavily from the more than 1,100 free, open data sources available from New York City and providing information on how you can access and use the information on your own.

We will be aggregating information from community boards, economic development groups and other stakeholders to help all of us understand The Bronx, better.

The changing economic landscape of the Bronx makes it important to have a clear, current snapshot of the area for everything from business decisions to stronger appeals to political authority. Existing stereotypes, assumptions and anecdotal stories blur the real from the perceived. Researching and presenting this information to the community, through Fordham, provides a real-world chance to apply economic understanding and provide a useful tool for the community.