Andrew Simons

Associate Professor of Economics
Email: [email protected]

Rose Hill Campus: Dealy Hall E-506
Phone: 718-817-4054
  • Cornell University, Applied Economics and Management, Ph.D., 2016.
    Harvard University, Kennedy School of Government, M.P.A. in International Development, 2004.
    Taylor University, Biology, B.A., magna cum laude., 2001.

  • Economic Development, Social Innovation, and Environmental Economics. 

  • What is a Meal?: Comparative Methods of Auditing Carbon Offset Compliance for Fuel-Efficient
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    and Andrew M. Simons. Ecological Economics, (2016) 128: 8-16.
    The Effect of Marketing Messages and Payment Over Time on Willingness to Pay for Fuel-Efficient
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    Does Peer Use Influence Adoption of Efficient Cookstoves?: evidence from a randomized controlled
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    Comparing Methods for Signal Analysis of Temperature Readings from Stove Use Monitors. Andrew
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    Filling the Phosphorus Fertilizer Gap in Developing Countries. Andrew M. Simons, Dawit Solomon,
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