Languages and Cultures Clubs and Societies

Languages and Cultures students are encouraged to share and develop their literary and cultural interests by becoming involved in student clubs and honor societies at Rose Hill and Lincoln Center. Clubs and societies sponsor academic and social events including lectures, film series, outings, and dinners to foster an understanding and appreciation of foreign languages and cultures beyond the traditional classroom setting.

Academic and Cultural Clubs

Academia Hispana (Rose Hill)
Academia Hispania furthers the knowledge and appreciation of the Hispanic culture, education, and politics among members of the Fordham community. It does this through social events that will engage the audience on topics concerning the Hispanic community. Academia also invites intellectuals on issues that concern the advancement of the Hispanic community in America and the rest of the world. Students can join Academia Hispana through Facebook and via email at [email protected].

Ciao Amici (Lincoln Center)
This Italian club aims to serve the FCLC community in several ways. It hosts lectures and discussions, provides career information in areas relating to the Italian culture, links students with University-related personnel who are affiliated with the Italian culture, and connects students with the various resources available in New York City. As it provides these and other services, Ciao Amici educates the FCLC community about the culture of Italians in Italy and in the United States.

Deutscher Studenten Klub (Rose Hill)
The DSK’s main goal is to increase awareness of business, social, and cultural concerns in German-speaking nations. If you are interested in joining or subscribing to their email list please send an email to [email protected] or join them on Facebook.

La Société Française (Lincoln Center)
This French club exposes all students to the French culture New York City offers. It not only seeks to expose members to French culture, but also to that of all francophone countries. Through its programs and activities, students may gain opportunities to meet others who share their interest in and enthusiasm for the many different aspects of these unique cultures.

Le Cercle Français (Rose Hill)
The mission of Le Cercle Français is to promote the Francophone culture to the Fordham community. It encourages students to speak French and socialize with other students who share this similar interest. Members of Le Cercle Français experience French culture by enjoying the food, watching movies, keeping up with current events, and sharing in the celebrations. Le Cercle Français allows students on the Fordham campus to share in the rich French culture. If you are interested in joining please send an email to [email protected].

Insieme Italian Cultural Society (Rose Hill)
Formerly known as Pope Dante Society, Insieme hosts social events and lectures where Italian and non-Italian students can explore Italy’s literary and cultural history, and develop an appreciation of the rich and diverse Italian heritage. If you are interested in joining, please send an email to [email protected].

Honor Societies

Alpha Mu Gamma (Rose Hill) – Not active
Alpha Mu Gamma is the national collegiate foreign language honor society of the United States, founded in 1931. The society's aim has long been to recognize achievement in any language and to bring the best students of various languages together into a cosmopolitan, cohesive, and stable organization. The ideals of the society are enlightenment, friendship, and a sympathetic understanding of other people. Gamma Beta, Fordham University's chapter of Alpha Mu Gamma, was established in 1965.

Gamma Kappa Alpha (Rose Hill)
Gamma Kappa Alpha is Fordham's chapter of the National Italian Honor Society. Students who have completed three or more Italian courses and received a B+ or better can apply for membership. It is a wonderful opportunity for students to speak Italian with other majors and minors in an informal setting, and truly be immersed in the Italian language. GKA also hosts lectures on Italian history, art, and literature.

Sigma Delta Pi (Rose Hill and Lincoln Center)
Founded at the University of California, Berkeley, in 1919 and admitted to membership in the Association of College Honor Societies in 1966, the Society recognizes outstanding undergraduate and graduate scholarship in Spanish language and literature, and seeks to foster an appreciation for the cultural contributions of the Spanish-speaking world. Normally Fordham's Chapter, Nu Delta, holds an Annual Induction Ceremony each spring semester.