Medieval Studies Fellows

The Center for Medieval Studies regularly hosts scholars in one of two programs:

The Medieval Fellows program offers post-doctoral medievalists the opportunity to be affiliated with the Center for one to two semesters if they plan to reside in the New York City Area. Fellows are expected to attend Center events and participate in the intellectual life of the University during their residency.

Visiting Fellows can be pre- or post-doctoral medievalist scholars in residence in New York City for shorter periods and up to one year.

Applicants need only submit one application in order to be considered for both of the Fellows Programs.

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Current Fellows

Dr. Marianne Ailes (Fellow 2023) is Professor of French at the University of Bristol. She has published extensively on crusading literature and the French of medieval England. An internationally known scholar of the chanson de geste, she is currently President of the International Société Rencesvals, and a former branch president of the British Branch. She led a major International Network project on Charlemagne: A European Icon which has resulted in 5 volumes to date with another still to be published. A co-authored book on The Charlemagne Legend in Medieval England, was a major output from the AHRC funded project on ‘Charlemagne in England’. She is currently holding a Leverhulme Fellowship to undertake research on positive representations of the religious Other in old French literature of the crusading world. 

Dr. Marija Blašković (Visiting Fellow 2022-2023) received her Doctorate in Spanish Philology from the University of Vienna in 2018 and has published articles on Latin and Romance historiography (12th-14th century). Much of her work is linked by an interest in cultural memory, identity construction, and the history of mentalities, as well as notions of power, knowledge, violence, and gender. She is currently a Beatriu de Pinós Fellow at the University Pompeu Fabra (Barcelona), where she will carry out her Digital Humanities project Visualizing Women in Medieval Iberian Chronicles. During her time at Fordham, she will be contributing to the project Medieval Londoners in order to learn more about digital prosopography. The skills she acquires will be used to create parameters for her own database on medieval Iberian women. 

Dr. Robin Reich (Fellow 2022-2023) is a historian of medieval Mediterranean cross-cultural exchange through science and crafts. As a fellow, Dr. Reich is further developing her dissertation project, Materials of Science in Norman Sicily: Translation, transmission, and trade in the central Mediterranean corridor. This work explores scientific knowledge and its movement between Greek, Arabic, and Latin as a form of cultural exchange. Dr. Reich is also a co-founder of the Medievalist Toolkit, a public history initiative that aims to de-politicise uses of the medieval past and its legacy by providing public-oriented tools that encourage evidence-based discourse.