Modern Languages and Literatures Tutoring Schedule

Spring 2024: February 5 – May 2

Mohamed Alsiadi (RH): F 11:15-12:15; [email protected]
Zoom Meeting ID: 605 772 8954
Zoom link:

Mohamed Abdel Rahman (LC): W 1-2; [email protected]
Zoom Meeting ID: 966 191 6397
Zoom link:

Kari Evanson (LC): W 10:30-12; [email protected]; in person in LL 924C

Josh Jordan (LC): R 12-1:30; [email protected]; in person LL 921G or on
Zoom link: (contact prof. prior to Zoom meeting)

Cecilia Kapoor (RH): R 4-5.30; [email protected] 
on Zoom: (contact prof. prior to Zoom meeting)

Sara Hanaburgh (RH): F 4-5:30; [email protected]; in-person Faber Hall 560

Sybille Rinkert-Garcia: R 10:15-11:15; [email protected]; on Zoom
Please email professor on a W to request a Zoom link for R tutoring

Eric Jarosinski: M 4-5; [email protected]; on Zoom
Zoom link:

Claudia Beneduce: T 5-6; [email protected]
Zoom link:

Iuri Moscardi: T 2-3; [email protected]

Zoom Link:

Mattia Mossali: M 1-2; [email protected]
Meeting ID: 504 982 8703
Zoom Link:

Yoko Sakurai: (LC)T 4-5; [email protected]; in person in LL 412

Xinran Dong (RH): R 1-2; [email protected]; in Faber Hall 560
Zoom link:

Tinny Lai (LC): F 11-12; [email protected];
on Zoom:

Michael Ossorgin VIII (LC): M 1-2; [email protected]
Zoom Link:

Kristina Jacobs (LC): T&F 1-1:30; W 12-12:30 [email protected] in-person LL 925B
Please use this link to make an appt:

Cecilia Minchala (LC): M 5-6:30 [email protected] in-person in LL410 or on Zoom: All tutoring by appt. only.

Evangelia-Lydia Manatou (RH): R 10-1; [email protected]; in-person in Faber Hall 563
Appt. link: