Recent Awardees

Congratulations to our 2022-23 awardees:

Critical Language Scholarship

Naimal Chisti (FCLC '23 Humanitarian Studies and Political Science) - Intermediate Arabic in Morocco

Caitlin Leib (FCLC '23 French Studies) - Beginner Russian Spark program

Alexander Meyer (GSAS '24 International Political Economy & Development) - Alternate for Beginner Portuguese

Alexandra Tamsi (FCRH '24 International Studies) - Alternate for Intermediate Russian



Lindsey Berry (FCRH '24 Integrative Neuroscience) - Machine Learning: Neuroscience in Heilbronn

Luisa Rosa (FCRH '24 Computer Science) - Human-Computer Interaction in Munich

Fulbright Student Program

Briana Boland (FCLC '19 International Studies) - Taiwan National Chengchi University Award in Asia-Pacific Studies

Dené Chung (FCLC '21 Political Science) - South Korea English Teaching Assistantship

Jillian Elba (FCRH '23 Sociology and English) - Alternate for Thailand English Teaching Assistantship

Molly Gleason (FCRH '21 Environmental Science) - Indonesia English Teaching Assistantship

Rachel Irish (FCRH '22 Psychology) - South Korea English Teaching Assistantship 

Megan Johnson (GSE '21 Bilingual Childhood Education, FCLC '20 Humanitarian Studies and Spanish Studies) - Ecuador English Teaching Assistantship

Emma Jane Konkoly (FCLC '23 International Studies) - Alternate for Estonia English Teaching Assistantship

Anastasia McGrath (FCRH '21 International Political Economy and Chinese Studies) - Taiwan English Teaching Assistantship

Alyssa Peralta (FCLC '23 Economics) - Alternate for Mexico English Teaching Assistantship

Grace Powers (FCRH '23 Sociology and History) - Estonia English Teaching Assistantship

Eric Schneider (FCLC '23 International Studies and French & Francophone Studies) - Côte D’Ivoire English Teaching Assistantship

Madalyn Stewart (FCLC '22 Political Science and French & Francophone Studies) - Study/Research award to France

Miguel Sutedjo (FCRH '23 International Political Economy and Music) - Taiwan English Teaching Assistantship

Gabrielle Thurston (FCRH '23 Spanish Language & Literature) - Spain English Teaching Assistantship

Gilman Scholarship

Rumsha Aqil (FCRH '25 Economics) to study at Oxford University in the United Kingdom in Spring 2024.

Jillian Klostermann (FCRH '25 International Studies) to study at Freie Universitat in Berlin, Germany, in Fall 2023 and Spring 2024.

Emily Lai (FCLC '24 Political Science) to study at Fordham London in Spring 2023.

Devin Moreno (GSB '25 Applied Accounting & Finance) to study at Fordham London in Spring 2024.

Sabrin Sultana (FCLC '24 Economics) to study at the American University in Dubai in Fall 2023.

Karen Watanabe (FCLC '24 Political Science) to study at Sophia University in Tokyo, Japan, in Spring 2023.

Hannah Yang (GSB '25 Applied Accounting & Finance) to study at Fordham London in Spring 2024.


Luce Scholarship

Giselle Schmitz (GSAS '22 International Political Economy & Development



Joseph Floeder (FCRH '21 Integrative Neuroscience) 

Christine Kalinski (FCLC '22 Natural Science)

Kathryn Kingsbury (FCRH '20 Chemistry) - Honorable Mention



Eva Riveros (FCRH '25 Chemistry) 

Carolina Sandoval (FCRH '25 Sociology)


Schwarzman Scholarship

Ling (Cheryl) Yang (GSB '19 Global Finance


Truman Scholarship

Abby Dziura (FCRH '23 American Studies