Club Wrestling

Club Wrestling Bio

Founded in 2018 by freshmen Gino Baratta and Frank Spatafora, Fordham Club Wrestling is a community built on hard work, discipline, courage, and humility. Together, Fordham’s Club Wrestling program looks to foster a collaborative and inclusive environment for students, alumni, and the greater Fordham community. As Club Wrestling is Fordham’s newest club sport, it continuously looks to build its presence and credibility within the collegiate wrestling community. Fordham Club Wrestling competes in the NCWA, a national collegiate wrestling association. Although Fordham’s Club Wrestling team is relatively new, the program has already shown tremendous success: qualifying for the NCWA National Tournament in its first year of competition before the Covid-19 pandemic. As the club continues to grow, it aims to foster an environment of dedication and comradery to create bonds that will last long past the collegiate experience.