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Office of Prestigious Fellowships

St. Edmund Campion Institute for the Advancement of Intellectual Excellence

At the Office for Prestigious Fellowships, we connect students with opportunities to further their intellectual and personal growth. We guide students through the entire process, whether they are searching for a fellowship that fits their goals, drafting application essays, or preparing for interviews with selection committees.

We are a resource for all students and alumni, both undergraduate and graduate, of Fordham University. We seek promising students who have distinguished themselves through extraordinary academic achievements, extracurricular involvement, and leadership activities, as well as a passion for creating positive change in their communities and the larger world.

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Joshua Somrah kneeling.

Scholars Earn Prestigious Awards to Advance Studies

Despite the unprecedented global health crisis scholars are facing this year, the Fordham community has good reason to celebrate. As of May 11, Fordham students and alumni have received 105 prestigious awards this year.


Student Spotlight: Schima Labitsch on her St. Gallen Wings of Excellence Award Win

The recently concluded 46th St. Gallen Symposium held in Switzerland last May 11-13 named Schima Labitsch (IPED 2017) as the top winner for its Wings of Excellence Award. The St. Gallen Wings of Excellence Award is a yearly essay competition open to students from all over the world.


Priscilla Consolo Awarded Prestigious NYU Scholarship

“Everyone is unique. You need to show what makes you different, whether it’s your background, culture, ethnicity or interests. You need a narrative,” Priscilla Consolo, FCLC ’16, who was awarded the AnBryce scholarship to attend NYU Law School, explained.


Miami filmmaker wins Fulbright for work in Hong Kong

Winning a Fulbright is an honor that equates achievement, excellence, and leadership. Those were the very qualities that made it possible for one Miami filmmaker, Andrew Hevia, to join over 1,900 other U.S. citizens awarded the grant to work on a project that aims to increase the understanding between the peoples of the United States and of other countries.