Anthony Verdino

Adjunct Faculty
Phone: 212-636-6600
Email: [email protected]
Office: Lincoln Center 726

  • MA Psychology, John Jay College of Criminal Justice (2004)

    MSW, Loyola University Chicago (2007)

  • Seminar in Clinical Social Work Practice (6415)

  • Anthony has worked mostly in community-based, outpatient health and mental health settings providing individual and group therapy. He has spent the majority of his career working with LGB/T/Q communities, individuals living with HIV/AIDS, and people with mental health or cooccurring mental health and substance use concerns. Anthony believes that all individuals develop a unique perception of themselves and the world around them. It is important to assist clients with acknowledging, connecting to, and internalizing the ways in which they have been affected by life events and how they have come to understand, view, and interact with the world around them. People can then begin to make informed decisions about what sort of change they would like to make and the methods by which they may take action. At his foundation, Anthony is a harm reductionist by focusing on meeting people at their level of desire or readiness for change and minimizing the potentially negative impact of stressors, circumstances, and behaviors. He also uses a strengths-based perspective to empower folks to identify areas where they may regain control and an insight-focused orientation which involves exploring the needs and purposes behind people‚Äôs reactions and responses to their environment.