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McGinley Center Policy FAQ

The below guide is designed to answer our guest's most frequently asked questions regarding policies in the McGinley Center. If your question is not in this guide, please feel free to reach out to us prior to the date of your event and we will be happy to assist you.

What are the Building Hours?

Building Operating Hours are between 9am and 11pm daily. The Office is open for  normal business hours from 9am-5pm Monday through Friday, except when the University is closed. Student Workers manage the office from 5pm-11pm and from 9am-11pm on Weekends. Any A/V support needed before 9am must be requested in advance and a per hour fee may be assessed to pay for a student worker to come in prior to 9am.

May I request a room for today or tomorrow?

For day of requests or day before:

  • Requests will be honored if space is available and setup can be done in time or a room can be used as is.
  • Fixed spaces will be booked over Multipurpose spaces due to the fixed nature of setup. Multipurpose room requests require time to setup/teardown which is not always possible in less than 48 hours depending on location and need.

If your event request is same day, please contact the office directly to see if space is available. We ask that clients refrain from going into rooms that appear empty as the room may be in the process of being reset for another event.

If an event is outside, can we stake items into the ground?

Per University policy, inflatables and tents cannot be staked into the ground. If such items are being used, they must be weighted down.

What is the Cancellation Policy? What if there is snow/severe weather?

Cancellations should be received one (1) Business day prior to the event. This allows time to notify Campus Operations so the room is not set up the night prior.

If the University closes due to weather conditions or for other emergency reasons, all scheduled events will be cancelled. Snow cancellations are routinely announced through local NY television and radio stations, in addition to being posted on Fordham University’s Emergency Weather Hotline at 1-800-280-SNOW.

What is the Posting Policy? Can Signs/Flyers/Banner be posted around campus?

Posting, stapling or nailing fliers or materials to walls, surfaces or trees is not permitted. This includes (but not limited to) public/open spaces as well as conference rooms and meeting rooms. These types of activities cause damage to paint and wall surfaces.

Campus Center Operations can provide easels to assist with temporary posting needs.

Departments, student organizations and guests may be held responsible for damages related to inappropriate postings.

What is the Decoration Policy?

Rooms are provided as is. Requests to decorate rooms must be communicated prior to day of event. With that, please note the following

  • No glitter. Large confetti may be used if it is cleaned up. No Command strips or sticky decals. No tacks. No scotch tape, duct tape or masking tape.
  • Blue Painters tape may be used to hang items. If needed, a roll of blue painter’s tape can be purchased from the office.

  • If removal of decorations damages the  walls or wood paneling, the client may be billed for the damage

What is the Cleaning Policy?

We ask that all clients respect the spaces they have been assigned. While we understand the need for decorations or food, we expect all guests to clean up when their event has ended. With that, please note:

  • No Glitter. If glitter is used and carpet cleaning is required, a cleaning charge may be assessed.
  • Food must be disposed of. If unable to dispose of food (lack of containers, etc.) please contact the office.

What is the Damage Policy?

Rooms are provided with furniture as is. A/V may also be installed as part of the room or based on the client’s request. If a piece of furniture breaks and/or A/V equipment breaks:

  • Please notify the office. Include a picture, location, date/time and event where this occurred.
  • Failure to notify the office may result in a damages charge.
  • Intentional damage may result in a damages charge.


What is the Alcohol Policy?

Events that request the presence of alcohol must adhere to the following:

  • If alcohol is served, additional information will be requested. Until it has been received, the event will not be approved.

  • The university’s caterer must be used. Outside vendors are not permitted to serve alcohol.

  • If students are present, additional approval must be obtained and additional guidelines must be followed. For further information, please refer to the university’s Alcohol Policy

What is the Filming Policy? Can the Event be Videotaped?

Limited filming and videography may be permitted in the McGinley Campus Center's non-food service/dining areas and in Collins Auditorium with the express written permission of the Assistant Dean for Student Involvement. To request permission, please email

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