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Undergraduate Research in Physics

REU (Research Experience for Undergraduates): REUs are competitive summer research programs, sponsored by the NSF and hosted at various universities. They are generally  intended for students who wish to attend graduate school and pursue careers in research. Recent students have worked at Cal-Tech, Indiana Univ. Cyclotron Facility, Brookhaven National Lab, Lehigh and NASA (zero-gravity experiments).

Departmental Research Assistantship:

  • Each summer, the physics department provides funding for a limited number of students to work as research assistants. These assistantships are typically arranged through individual professors. Students have the opportunity to present their work at professional meetings, where some of our students received awards for their work. 
  • During the academic year, students also have the opportunity to work with faculty either for course credit (registering for PHYS 4001 or 4002) or for a paid stipend through Fordham's Undergraduate Research Grant program.