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Upcoming Events

Our department holds many events throughout the academic year, and there are numerous other events held around Fordham campuses which may be of interest. We update our list regularly to advertise new events.

O'Connell Demuth


O'Connell Initiative Talk

On November 4, Dr. Bathsheba Demuth from Brown University, whose new book Floating Coast: An Environmental History of the Bering Strait (W. W. Norton, 2019) was recently reviewed in the New York Times and NPR, will illuminate how Bowhead whales have been known by three distinct groups of hunters along the Bering Strait over the past two centuries: indigenous Yupik and Inupiaq whalers, capitalist commercial whalers, and communist industrial whalers. The talk will look at how whales became known through the labor of their killing, asking in particular how whales, particularly bowheads, were imagined and treated, and how this changed across economic systems.


HGSA Workshop

Digital Humanities Presentation 

Thursday, November 14th, 5:00pm 

 "Siege of Antioch Project" 

A collaborative project between scholars in the United Kingdom and Fordham's Center for Medieval Studies. 


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