Upcoming Events

Our department holds many events throughout the academic year, and there are numerous other events held around Fordham campuses which may be of interest. We update our list regularly to advertise new events.

“In Dialogue” with Hussein Ibish and David N. Myers: A Different Take on Israel/Palestine: Shared Histories, Divergent Pathways, Part I (1882-1948)
Sponsored by Jewish Studies
Thursday, September 14, McNally Amphitheater, Lincoln Center Campus

Opening of an Exhibition of Chuck Fishman’s photography Roots, Resilience, Renewal: Polish Jews, 1975 to the Present—A Portrait of Generations Lost and Found.
Sponsored by Jewish Studies
Sunday, September 17, 1.30 - 3 p.m. Derfner Judacia Museum, Riverdale

Total Medicine: An Approach to the Corpus of Anglo-Saxon Healing Texts
John D. Niles (UC Berkeley & University of Wisconsin-Madison)
Sponsored by Medieval Studies
Friday, September 29, 12pm, O'Hare Special Collections, Walsh Library (RH)

Roman Royal Histories: The Cultural Legacies of Kingdoms Allied to the Roman Empire After Their Annexarion
Richard Teverson (Fordham University)
Sponsored by Medieval Studies
Thursday, October 19, 6pm, O'Hare Special Collections, Walsh Library (RH)

Bishop Krzysztof Nitkiewicz of Sandomierz, Poland: Catholic Church in Dialogue with Jews and Non-Catholic Christians: A View from Poland
Sponsored by Jewish Studies
Tuesday, October 24, TBA, Rose Hill Campus


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