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Thierry Rigogne

Thierry Rigogne

Associate Professor of History and Associate Chair for Undergraduate Studies at Lincoln Center
Office: LL403D
Phone: 212-636-6906



2005 - PhD. Princeton
2000 - MA Princeton
1987 - MBA Ecole Supérieure des Sciences Economiques et Commerciales (ESSEC), France

Research Interests

Dr. Rigogne’s research explores the links between commerce, culture and communication in eighteenth-century France. His first book, Between State and Market: Printing and Bookselling in Eighteenth-Century France, published in 2007, explores the transformations in the production and consumption of print in France during the Enlightenment. He has also published several articles and essays in American and European scholarly journals and collections of essays on eighteenth-century French printing and bookselling.

His current research focuses on the history of the French café from the introduction of coffee-houses in the 1660s through the end of the French Revolution in 1800. He is finishing a book and has published several articles on the history of cafés.

Dr. Rigogne is also working on a new book project on the history of communication in eighteenth-century France. By tracking the creation of news and the diffusion of information in the 1740 and 1750s through a wide array of media and communication channels, he will show how public opinion formed on the ground. 

Dr. Rigogne welcomes inquiries from students interested in graduate research on 17th- and 18th- French social and cultural history, and other fields related to early modern media/communication or early modern food history.

Courses Taught

Dr. Rigogne teaches classes on French history from the early modern period and the French Revolution to the present at both the undergraduate and the graduate level. His teaching interests also include early modern European history, global history, the Enlightenment, food history, and the history of print, media and communication.

HIST 1000: UHC Modern Europe
HIST 1075: UHC Europe from Renaissance to Reformation
HIST 3503: Modern France, 1900 to the Present
HIST 3513: The Old Regime and the French Revolution
HIST 3515: Media History: From Gutenberg to Google (cross listed with COMM)
HIST 3516: The Social Life of Coffee, 1500 to the Present
HIST 4104: Food and Drink in Modern Society (ICC)
HIST 4502: The French Revolution and the Age of Napoleon, 1789-1815
HIST 4503: History of Communication

HIST 5552: Europe in a Global World: The Early Modern Age of Globalization, 1500-1800
HIST 5553: Book History: Texts, Media and Communications (cross listed with MVST)
HIST 6501: The Old Regime and the French Revolution
HIST 6504: The European Enlightenment
HIST 7550/8550: Proseminar/Seminar: The History of the Book in Early Modern Europe