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Xinran Dong


Senior Lecturer of Chinese
Chinese Language Coordinator
Faber Hall 560
[email protected]
Spring 2023 office hours:
M 10:00-12:00, R:10:00-11:00 (Keating hall B25)


MA Peking University (China)

PhD The Ohio State University


Xinran Dong’s research interests include foreign/second language acquisition and teaching, vocabulary acquisition, pragmatics, linguistic politeness, Chinese requests, and using media resources to teach language. 

Courses Taught

MAND 1001: Introduction to Mandarin I

MAND 1501: Intermediate Mandarin I

MAND 1502: Intermediate Mandarin II

MAND 2001: Mandarin Language and Literature

MAND 2500: Approaches to Literature

MAND 2601: Mandarin Conversation and Composition

MAND 3015: Learn Chinese Through Music and Songs

MAND 3020: Learning Chinese through Films

MAND 3025: Reading Chinese Stories

MAND 3040: Topics in Chinese Literature

MAND 3050: China in Headlines

MLAL 3045: Women in Chinese Literature