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MLL Mandarin Chinese

Students who intend to minor in Mandarin Chinese should prepare their schedules in consultation with a Mandarin Chinese faculty adviser. To declare the minor and be assigned an adviser, please contact the Department Associate Chair in your college.

The past three decades have witnessed the unprecedented development of China as the second largest economy in the world and a leading force in global politics, economy, and culture. Economic and cultural ties between the United States and China have also increased exponentially. Fordham has been a participant in these exchanges through IPED and most recently through an agreement with the Business School. In this context, the study of Mandarin language has become increasingly relevant and popular among students at Fordham who want to complement their major and enhance their academic and research opportunities in multiple other fields.

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Study Abroad Policy
Study abroad in China is highly recommended for students minoring in Mandarin Chinese. Students are encouraged to study abroad during the summer, for a semester, or a year to either fulfill some of the required core courses or take upper-level electives. Up to two courses for the minor may be taken abroad. Students who opt to apply study abroad credits toward their minor must have these courses approved by their Mandarin faculty adviser prior to their going abroad.

Major Description
Chinese Studies is dedicated to the study of China both as a vital part of the world today and one of the longest continuing civilizations of human history. To study China is to be exposed to a world of difference evidenced in language, literature, art, philosophy, religion and history, as well as social, political and economic structures. In intellectual terms, these differences challenge students’ assumptions about themselves and the world they are living in and fruitfully lead to greater self-awareness and appreciation of the richness of human traditions and conditions. In practical terms, China’s unprecedented economic development and the critical role that she has come to play in the world today suggests the timely importance of Chinese Studies.

The Chinese Studies Major at Fordham has a dual focus on language and cultural studies. It provides students solid training in reading and speaking knowledge of Mandarin Chinese. An interdisciplinary major, it also introduces students to a broad range of Chinese cultural issues and critical phenomena through multiple disciplines. Students will take courses in both Chinese and English. Students will complete the major with not only a firm competence in Mandarin Chinese but also a deep familiarity of China’s literary, philosophical, and religious traditions and their transformations in modernity. The major will help to prepare students to begin a professional career with a China component or start their graduate studies.
Major Requirement
The major in Chinese studies will take a minimum of 10 courses. Course work falls into 2 categories: cultural study from the offerings of MLL and other departments at Fordham as well as language study (MAND courses).


Four required courses:

1 MAND 2500 - Approaches to Literature
2 MLAL/CNST 3047 - Chinese Traditions and Modern Transformation
3 MLAL/CNST 3031 - Chinese Cultural Concepts
4. Senior Capstone Experience - MLAL 4999 Senior Thesis Research


Six elective courses:

Taught in Mandarin Chinese
MAND/CNST 1501      Intermediate Mandarin I       
MAND/CNST 1502      Intermediate Mandarin II      
MAND/CNST 2001      Mandarin Language and Literature   
MAND/CNST 2550      Reading Chinese Short Stories           
MAND/CNST 2601      Mandarin Conversation and Composition     
MAND/CNST 3002      Topics in Chinese Culture      
MAND/CNST 3020      Learn Chinese Through Film  
MAND/CNST 3040      Topics in Mandarin Chinese Literature         
MAND/CNST 3050      China in the Headlines
MAND/CNST 3055      China and Globalization
Taught in English       
MLAL/CNST 3043        Modern Chinese Literature
MLAL/CNST 3030        Masterpieces of Chinese Film: Theory and Texts
LING/CNST 2075         Politics of Language in China 
LING/CNST 3035         Gender and China      
HIST/CNST 1550          Understanding Historical Change: East Asian History           
HIST/CNST 3538          The Good Earth?        
HIST/CNST 3915          Contemporary China 
HIST/CNST 3922          East Asian Cities         
PHIL/CNST 3756          Chinese Philosophy    
PHIL/CNST 3759          Buddhist Philosophy   
PHIL/CNST 3770          Daoist and Zen Philosophy                 
POSC/CNST 3632        China and U.S. in Global Era  
POSC/CNST 3634        The Great Law of China         
THEO/CNST 3724        Classic Buddhist Texts
Double counting:
Upon approval from their major advisors, students may double count two courses towards the Major in Chinese Studies and another major or minor.