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MLL Mandarin Chinese

Students who intend to minor in Mandarin Chinese should prepare their schedules in consultation with a Mandarin Chinese faculty adviser. To declare the minor and be assigned an adviser, please contact the Department Associate Chair in your college.

The past three decades have witnessed the unprecedented development of China as the second largest economy in the world and a leading force in global politics, economy, and culture. Economic and cultural ties between the United States and China have also increased exponentially. Fordham has been a participant in these exchanges through IPED and most recently through an agreement with the Business School. In this context, the study of Mandarin language has become increasingly relevant and popular among students at Fordham who want to complement their major and enhance their academic and research opportunities in multiple other fields.

Minors in Mandarin Chinese must take SIX courses numbered MAND 1501 INTERMEDIATE MANDARIN I and higher, to be chosen in consultation with the assigned departmental Mandarin minor adviser.

Required Courses

Elective Courses

  • MLAL 3034, MLAL 3047, MLAL 3030, MLAL 3003
  • MAND 2550, MAND 2601, MAND 2650, MAND 3002, MAND 3020, MAND 3040, MAND 3050, MAND 3055


  • For minors taking 3000-level MAND courses, MAND 2500 or MAND 2550 is a prerequisite. 
  • Students who place out of MAND 1501, MAND 1502, or MAND 2001 will replace them with 2000- or 3000- level elective courses.
  • One of the electives must be 3000-level courses.

Study Abroad Policy
Study abroad in China is highly recommended for students minoring in Mandarin Chinese. Students are encouraged to study abroad during the summer, for a semester, or a year to either fulfill some of the required core courses or take upper-level electives. Up to two courses for the minor may be taken abroad. Students who opt to apply study abroad credits toward their minor must have these courses approved by their Mandarin faculty adviser prior to their going abroad.