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Recent Faculty Publications

Brent, R. J. (2018a). A cost–benefit analysis of hearing aids, including the benefits of reducing the symptoms of dementia. Applied Economics, 51(28), 3091-3103. 

Brent, R. J. (2018b). The value of a year’s general education for reducing the symptoms of dementia. Applied Economics, 50(25), 2812-2823. 

Brent, R. J. (2020). A CBA of corrective lenses, including the benefits for reducing the symptoms of dementia. Applied Economics, 52(48), 5218-5229. 

Collins, S. M., James, D., Servátka, M., & Vadovic, R. (2021). Attainment of equilibrium via Marshallian path adjustment: Queueing and buyer determinism. Games and Economic Behavior, 125(C), 94-106. 

Dasgupta, U., Mani, S., Sharma, S., & Singhal, S. (In press). Effects of peers and rank on cognition, preferences, and personality. The Review of Economics and Statistics, 1-47.   

Gomez-Gonzalez, P. (2019a). Inflation-linked public debt in emerging economies. Journal of International Money and Finance, 93(C), 313-334. 

Gomez-Gonzalez, P. (2019b). Public debt structure and liquidity provision. Journal of International Economics, 117(C), 51-60. 

Gomez-Gonzalez, P., & Rees, D. M. (2018). Same Spain, less pain? European Economic Review, 110(C), 78-107. 

Levine, D. I., Beltramo, T., Blalock, G., Cotterman, C., & Simons, A. M. (2018). What Impedes Efficient Adoption of Products? Evidence from Randomized Sales Offers for Fuel-Efficient Cookstoves in Uganda. Journal of the European Economic Association, 16(6), 1850-1880. 

Machado, E. A., Purcell, H., Simons, A. M., & Swinehart, S. (2020). The Quest for Greener Pastures: Evaluating the Livelihoods Impacts of Providing Vegetation Condition Maps to Pastoralists in Eastern Africa. Ecological Economics, 175(C). 

Majid, F., Behrman, J., & Mani, S. (2019). Short-term and long-term distributional consequences of prenatal malnutrition and stress: using Ramadan as a natural experiment. BMJ global health, 4(3), e001185. 

Simons, A. M. (2020). Making Business Statistics Come Alive: Incorporating Field Trial Data from a Cookstove Study into the Classroom. Applied Economics Teaching Resources (AETR), 2(3). 

Vinod, H. D. (2020). Software-Illustrated Explanations of Econometrics Contributions by CR Rao for his 100-th Birthday. Journal of Quantitative Economics, 18(2), 235-252. 

Vinod, H. D., & Jr., J. B. G. (2020). Causality Studies of Real GDP, Unemployment, and Leading Indicators. In J. B. Guerard & W. T. Ziemba (Eds.), Handbook of Applied Investment Research (p. 691-724). World Scientific Publishing Co. Pte. Ltd.