Undergraduate Studies in Economics

The economics major at Fordham College offers students the opportunity to develop a clear and concise way of analyzing a wide range of issues. The discipline draws from history, philosophy, political science, and mathematics. It helps prepare students for a wide array of professional careers.

Program Highlights

  • Analytical core with area studies in international economics, development economics, monetary economics, financial economics, economics and law, and public sector economics
  • Prepares students for diverse careers in business, finance, education, and the public sector
  • Emphasis on strong teaching and small class sizes

Honors Program in Economics

  • Economics majors with a cumulative grade point average of 3.2 and an index in economics courses of 3.3 or greater are eligible
  • Write a research paper in economics and complete the course requirements for the program (year of statistics and mathematics for economists)
  • Highly qualified students should also consider the five-year B.A./M.A. program that allows students to begin their course work towards an M.A. in economics in their senior year of college ( B.A./M.A. Program)

Excellent location:

  • Enables a student's educational experience to transcend the classroom through speakers on campus, trips to the financial district, and internships
  • Rose Hill campus is an 18-minute ride on Metro-North to mid-town Manhattan
  • The Lincoln Center campus thrives in the center of Manhattan, minutes away from Wall Street by subway

Contact the Economics Department


Rose Hill
Department of Economics
E-503 Dealy Hall

Prof. Mary Burke, Ph.D.
Associate Chair, Undergraduate Studies
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Lincoln Center
Department of Economics
113 West 60th Street (Leon Lowenstein) 924

Prof. Jerome Lahaye, Ph.D.
Associate Chair
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Department of Economics

Prof Johanna Francis, Ph.D.
Department Chair
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