Undergraduate Studies in Economics

Majoring in Economics within the College of A&S at Fordham allows students to develop a powerful and concise way of analyzing a wide range of economic, political, financial, and social issues. The discipline historically draws from history, philosophy, political science, and mathematics with modern influences of data science and psychology. Students majoring in economics find their degree prepares them for many diverse professional careers in the private and public sectors. The Bureau of Labor Statistics’s job outlook for Economists  says the demand for economists is growing faster than the average profession. 

Why Economics?

  • We offer an analytical core with area studies in international economics, development economics, monetary economics, financial economics, economics and law, and public sector economics.  in applied microeconomic topics like health and development economics, environmental economics, financial economics, advanced economic theory like game theory and behavioral economics, interdisciplinary courses like the Ecology of Food Systems, and advanced macroeconomic courses such as international finance and money and banking
  • An education in Economics prepares students for diverse careers in business, finance, law, education, and the public sector. Some careers you can find our graduates working in include banking and finance; management (including sports and theater); law; and local, state, and federal government, for agencies like the Department of the Treasury or the Dept of Justice, and in environmental policy making and conservation. The American Economics Association has more info on what kinds of careers people with an Economics degree choose.
  • The BA Economics and BA Math-Economics are STEM degrees that permit an OPT extension (for international students on F-1 visas). 
  • We have an emphasis on strong teaching and small class sizes

Variety of Minors

  • Economics minor: 3 required courses, 3 electives
  • Finance minor: combine your analytical skills from Economics with practical training in accounting and finance from the Gabelli School of Business faculty
  • Accounting, Marketing, Sustainable Business, and Business Administration minors in Gabelli School of Business

Honors Program in Economics

  • Economics majors with a cumulative grade point average of 3.2 and an index in economics courses of 3.3 or greater are eligible
  • Write a research paper in economics and complete the course requirements for the program 

Accelerated MA in Economics

  • Highly qualified students (GPA at or above 3.2) should consider the accelerated M.A. program that allows students to begin coursework towards an M.A. in economics while completing their BA (graduate coursework begins in senior year)  Accelerated M.A. Program

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