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Gender Equity and Title IX Sexual and Related Misconduct

Fordham University is committed to a learning, living, and work environment free of any kind of sexual violence or misconduct. For more information and full descriptions of prohibited conduct, please read the Sexual and Related Misconduct Policies and Procedures for the Fordham University Community.

Fordham will take prompt steps reasonably calculated to end the sexual violence, eliminate any hostile environment, prevent recurrences, and, as appropriate, remedy any effects.

Fordham University responds to all sexual offenses, stalking, domestic violence and dating violence incidents with a trained response team that includes the Department of Public Safety officers, the Deputy Title IX Coordinator, the deans of students, and the Title IX Coordinator, and where appropriate, staff from Residential Life, Health Services, Counseling Services, and other, off-campus resources. Please see Reporting an Incident for more information.

Fordham will enforce its policies on sexual offenses through internal conduct procedures that are fair, prompt, and impartial. Student conduct cases will be handled by the respective deans of students on each campus (or the dean's designee), while employee conduct cases will be handled by the Title IX Coordinator (or the Title IX coordinator's designee). Please see the University's Sexual and Related Misconduct Policy and Procedures for more information.

Update: University policies on sexual and related misconduct apply to in-person interactions as well as online interactions. Members of the community are expected to maintain a tone of civility and respect during online classes and in online communications just as they would if they were physically on campus.