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About the LLM Program

Our Students

As one of the nation's top law schools, Fordham University School of Law attracts diverse and highly qualified candidates from around the world and across all disciplines. Fordham Law School's LLM program comprises a student body of approximately 200 students from the U.S. and more than 40 countries, representing a unique and diverse collection of skills and experience. A Fordham LLM student is likely to have important professional experience, established contacts in key regions, and a strong grasp of cultural and business nuances in global markets.

Members of the LLM class hold degrees, both undergraduate and graduate, in areas such as business, management, international relations, and international law from some of the world's most distinguished universities. Moreover, the vast majority of Fordham Law's LLM candidates enter our programs with significant professional experience which may include:

  • International and local law firms
  • Major accounting firms
  • Global banks and insurance companies
  • Intergovernmental organizations, such as the United Nations
  • Courts and justice departments in national and regional governments
  • Multinational companies in various sectors

Our Programs

Fordham Law offers nine outstanding LLM degrees. Eight of these degrees provide students the opportunity to undertake in-depth study in some of the most relevant and rapidly changing fields of law. These include:

Additionally, our LLM degree in U.S. Law allows our international candidates the opportunity for a broad-based and intensive training in the U.S. legal system and U.S. law.

In addition to credits taken in the area of specialization, students are encouraged to take electives that give them a broader base of knowledge and which help to contextualize their specialized knowledge. Our programs are designed to produce graduates with the skills and knowledge that forward-looking organizations value.

Writing and Language Skills

All students who received their first law degrees in non-English speaking countries are required to take an intensive writing course that covers the fundamentals of American legal research and writing. Additionally, many of our LLM students choose to complete a faculty-supervised writing project. Our LLM students are held to the same high standard of writing that is a focal point of Fordham's JD program.

Our LLM students have proficiency in a wide range of languages spoken throughout the world. Additionally, LLM applicants from non-English speaking jurisdictions are required to demonstrate high proficiency in the English language, as evidenced by their TOEFL® (Test of English as a Foreign Language™) scores.


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