S.J.D. Cost of Attendance and Financial Aid

Fixed/Direct Expenses

Doctor of Juridical Science (S.J.D.)
Direct Expenses (billed by Fordham)
Tuition $15,000*
Fees $ 882*
Total Direct Expenses $ 15,882*
Indirect Expenses (other costs you may incur)
Room and Board $ 23,602
Books $ 2,160
Travel $ 2,340
Misc $ 5,108
Total Indirect Expenses $ 33,210
Total $49,092*

*This table shows the tuition and fees for the current academic year, for two semesters of study. Tuition is charged for every semester of enrollment and will be half the annual tuition amount per semester. Student tuition and fees are adjusted each year and usually increase around 4%. Tuition and fees for the upcoming academic year will usually available in July. S.J.D. candidates should plan to complete their studies in three years. S.J.D. students who began their studies prior to fall 2024 can refer to the Graduate Student Handbook in LawNet for additional information on prior tuition costs and policies.

Financial Aid 

Candidates are encouraged to seek additional external financing from their home countries (employers, government agencies, and foundations). The United States embassy or consulate in an international applicant's home country may have information on funding sources.