S.J.D. Cost of Attendance and Financial aid

Fixed/Direct Expenses

Costs: $3,000 for the first year; an administrative cost of $1,500 per year for the second and third years | Fees: $724

After the third year, S.J.D. candidates pay the LL.M. full-time division tuition rate and the S.J.D. fees (effective for candidates beginning the S.J.D. program in or after the fall 2018 semester); view more about fixed/direct expenses for the S.J.D. program.

Doctor of Juridical Science (S.J.D.)

 Year 1Year 2/3
Direct Expenses (billed by Fordham)
Tuition $ 3,000 $ 1,500
Fees $ 826 $ 724
Total Direct Expenses $ 3,826 $ 2,326
Indirect Expenses (other costs you may incur)
Room and Board $ 22,266 $ 22,266
Books $ 2,064 $ 2,064
Travel $ 2,044 $ 2,044
Misc $ 4,720 $ 4,720
Total Indirect Expenses $ 31,094 $ 31,094
Total $ 34,920 $ 33,420

S.J.D. candidates should plan to complete their studies in three years.  After the third year of the program, S.J.D. candidates pay the standard full-time LL.M. student tuition rate and continue to pay the S.J.D. student fees.  Such S.J.D. candidates may seek a partial scholarship to offset their tuition obligations.  To request such a scholarship, send by May 1 of the prior academic year:

  • A statement expressing the need for additional time to complete the S.J.D. program requirements.
  • A draft of your S.J.D. project thus far.
  • A specific plan for completing your S.J.D. program requirements within the next academic year.

This rule is effective for candidates beginning the S.J.D. program in or after the fall 2020 semester.

Financial aid 

There are a few need-based stipends for doctoral fellows during the second and third years of study, provided that the candidate is in residence and has the approval of his or her supervisor. As we do not have funding beyond this, anyone with any other income source will not be eligible for a research fellowship. Fellowships cannot be renewed. Because the program has limited funding, applicants without outside financial support should not apply.   

Candidates are encouraged to seek additional external financing from their home countries (employers, government agencies, and foundations). The United States embassy or consulate in an international applicant's home country may have information on funding sources.

Expenses not included in the COA

Students can request a COA adjustment to reflect a one-time purchase of a computer for use during the program.  Also, students who have other non-discretionary expenses not included in the cost of attendance budget (e.g., childcare expenses), should inform our office to discuss the circumstances and review the expenses that may be added to the COA.

Any requests must be made in writing and include appropriate documentation. Please note that it is extremely rare for the Law School Financial Aid Office to increase the student budget for anything other than childcare expenses or a one-time purchase of a computer. Requests for COA adjustments should be emailed or delivered to Alison Brande, Assistant Director of Law School Financial Aid.