M.S.L. in Fashion Law

Students in the Fordham Law MSL in Fashion Law Program

For current and future fashion industry pros: A flexible master’s degree to give you the inside edge.

Fashion law started here—and at Fordham Law we believe that legal knowledge in the global fashion industry can no longer be left to lawyers alone.

Fashion industry professionals and entrepreneurs who enroll in the M.S.L. in Fashion Law will develop their legal literacy while studying with the most distinguished faculty in the discipline, including academics and industry insiders—in New York City, the capital of the world’s fashion industry. Whether you’re currently working in fashion or aspire to a career as a designer, production manager, licensing director, human resources coordinator, or C-suite executive, this program will prepare you to succeed.

You will learn aspects of the law that arise throughout the life of a garment, starting with the designer’s original idea and continuing to the consumer’s closet. You will explore what we’ve defined as the four pillars of fashion law:

  • Intellectual property
  • Business and finance, including areas such as investment, employment law, and real estate
  • International trade and government regulation, including sustainability, privacy, and issues related to wearable technology
  • Consumer culture and civil rights

You will also gain direct access to events and networking opportunities through the nonprofit Fashion Law Institute. Established with the assistance of the Council of Fashion Designers of America, it’s the world’s first center dedicated to the law and business of fashion—and it’s based at Fordham Law.