Public Interest and Service

Public Interest and Service

As a Law School rooted in Jesuit principles, a commitment to service underlies everything we do—from our academic mission to scholarship and public service work.

Putting Public Service Into Practice

At Fordham Law School, “In the Service of Others” is more than our motto. We prepare students to confront the challenges of our times—to become leaders in the legal profession who will effect real change through principled, ethical lawyering; through active citizenship; and through an unwavering dedication to justice. Our faculty engages in substantive public service and produce cutting-edge academic scholarship that impacts law, policy, and professional practice. Our alumni are dedicated to serving their institutions, clients, and the greater community through pro bono work at law firms, working in government, and leadership roles in nonprofits.

Stein Scholars on stairs

Karen Greeberg speaking at Center on National Security Event