J.D. Study Abroad Programs

Students at Fordham can take advantage of the wide range of opportunities to learn about international, comparative, and foreign law at our New York City campus, or can spend some time abroad, experiencing full immersion in a foreign legal culture. Opportunities abound for study in many of the world’s most dynamic regions for either a summer, a semester or a year. Fordham Law School also offers externship and internship opportunities in various regions around the world, including in high national courts in some of the world’s most exciting and emerging countries.

In accordance with Paragraph I.A.3. of the American Bar Association’s Criteria for Student Study at a Foreign Institution as amended March 2014, Fordham Law School states the following educational objectives that it strives to achieve in permitting its students to study at foreign institutions for credit toward the JD degree:

Fordham Law School strongly believes in preparing its JD students for practice in an increasingly globalized legal environment. Through arrangements with foreign universities and other legal institutions around the world, Fordham Law School has created many opportunities for its JD students to study and gain valuable exposure to foreign legal systems. The particular educational objectives that the law school seeks to achieve in permitting its JD students to study abroad and earn credit toward the JD degree are: (1) to expose students to laws and legal systems of jurisdictions outside the United States to better prepare them for practicing law in an increasingly globalized and transnational context; (2) to have students learn about the law and legal culture of foreign jurisdictions in which they may have a particular interest or focus; and (3) to allow students to experience a foreign language and culture to help them in their future careers counsel clients from particular language and cultural backgrounds.