S.J.D. Admissions

The Doctor of Juridical Science (S.J.D.) augments the Law School's highly regarded LL.M. degree programs by providing a rigorous academic experience and supporting the development of leading legal scholarship. The SJD program is research-based and will lead to a final original project of publishable quality. This book-length project will be an original work of scholarship and will contribute meaningfully to the existing literature in the field.

S.J.D. candidates may be required to audit one or more relevant courses (in the law school or another department in the University) and attend weekly faculty workshops. Students in the first year of the S.J.D. program will write reaction papers to the faculty workshops and meet with a faculty member to discuss. Candidates must be for at least the program's first year. Candidates complete the program with the preparation and oral defense of a dissertation.

Candidates for the S.J.D. program should be aware that this program is a full-time commitment. The program is not compatible with employment, especially during the first year. In subsequent years, SJD candidates may apply to be appointed or may pursue teaching or other academic work in consultation with their advisors and consistent with the needs of the Law School.