Colloquium and S.J.D. resources

All S.J.D. candidates will attend the S.J.D. Colloquium during their first year of study. The Colloquium will be taught by members of Fordham Law's outstanding faculty and will consist of three distinctive components:

  1. Advanced Research. Candidates will learn how to utilize various sophisticated research materials and technologies that will aid them in the development of their dissertation projects.
  2. Leading Academic Theory. Candidates will learn the fundamentals of current legal academic thought in comparative law, law and economics, legal theory, legal realism, and critical race theory.
  3. Scholars Forum. Candidates will discuss their research with their peers and others and elicit feedback on drafts of their work at various stages.

For some years, S.J.D. candidates will enroll in a course in Jurisprudence as part of the colloquium experience.