Faculty Accomplishments

By Olivier Sylvain

USA Today: Professor Olivier Sylvain called the Supreme Court's decision on fighting social media misinformation a “special, maybe even once in a generation, opportunity to define how far governments may go to protect against the online distribution of lawful and unlawful harmful content.

March 17, 2024  |  Read More

By Tanya Hernandez

NBC NEWS: Professor Tanya Hernández states context is vital when using the word 'negrita' as it used as a term of endearment and in a way that can be considered problematic — when someone who’s white presenting or identifying uses the word to belittle someone.

February 15, 2024  |  Read More

By Jennifer Gordon

Prof. Jennifer Gordon published a new report arguing the mass migration of Venezuelans to neighboring countries can serve as an important case study for how migrants and refugees can be integrated into local economies

February 9, 2024  |  Read More

By Richard Squire

Prof. Richard Squire joined an episode of the Bite-Sized Business Law podcast to dive into the WeWork saga.

February 9, 2024  |  Listen

By Catherine Powell

Prof. Catherine Powell is spending the next six months at the White House as a senior advisor on the White House Gender Policy Council. She will be the chief advisor addressing the issue of gender-based violence.

February 2, 2024  |  Read More

The Latest News from Fordham Law Faculty

By Deborah Denno

The New York Times: Prof. Deborah Denno Says It's Difficult to Predict Whether States Will Adopt Alabama's Nitrogen Hypoxia Execution

January 26, 2024  |  Read More

By Abner Greene

The New York Times: Professor Abner Greene Calls Trump Team’s Latest Immunity Arguments “Sure Losers”.

January 12, 2024  |  Read More

By Deborah Denno

SCRIPPS NEWS: Prof. Deborah Denno Raises Concerns Over Alabama’s Latest Execution Method.

January 9, 2024  |  Read More

By Zephyr Teachout

The Hill: Prof. Zephyr Teachout Argues EU Should Support Ireland’s Move to Regulate Big Tech.

December 31, 2023  |  Read More

By Cheryl Bader

ABC: Prof. Cheryl Bader Explains How Immunity Argument May Be “Losing Battle” For Trump Defense Team.

December 11, 2023  |  Read More

By Benjamin Zipursky

Professor Benjamin Zipursky received the Hart-Dworkin Award, along with Prof. John Goldberg of Harvard Law, by the Association of American Law Schools, for “significant and lasting contributions to the philosophical understanding of law,” for the two professors’ decades-long collaboration on tort theory.

December 6, 2023  |  Read More

By Courtney Cox

Professor Courtney Cox received the Jurisprudence Article Award from the Association of American of Law Schools for her article “The Uncertain Judge,” 90 University of Chicago Law Review 739 (2023).

December 6, 2023  |  Read More

By Deborah Denno

Professor Deborah Denno will receive the ABA Criminal Justice Section's Raeder-Taslitz Award. The award is for those who exemplify ethical and professional conduct, demonstrate excellence in scholarship, teaching, or community service, and have made a significant contribution to promoting public understanding of criminal justice, justice and fairness in the criminal justice system.

December 6, 2023  

By John Brooks

NPR: Prof. John Brooks Calls Upcoming SCOTUS Case “Biggest Constitutional Tax Case in 100 Years”

December 1, 2023  |  Read More

By Tanya Hernandez

Professor Tanya Hernández book Racial Innocence: Unmasking Latino Anti-Black Bias and The Struggle for Equality received an Honorable Mention in the 2023 International Latino Book Awards for the Raul Yzaguirre Best Political/Current Affairs Book in English.

November 6, 2023  |  Read More

By Deborah Denno

AL News: Prof. Deborah Denno Calls Nitrogen Hypoxia Execution “Literal Experimentation” After Alabama Supreme Court Ruling

November 6, 2023  |  Read More

By Denny Chin

New York Law Journal: Judge Denny Chin Reviews Book Highlighting Work of Japanese-American Attorneys During World War II 

November 14, 2023  |  Read More

By Zephyr Teachout

The New York Times: Prof. Zephyr Teachout Helps Draft Legislation to Address Social Media Addiction

November 17, 2023  |  Read More