After you've applied to the J.D. program

Applicants can expect decisions within 8-10 business weeks of completing their application. If applicants haven't received a decision by the eight-week mark, they're welcome to follow up with the Office of Admissions.

Making updates to existing applications

Applicants are welcome to submit updates to their applications. Make sure all application updates are emailed to the admissions office in PDF form.

  • Updated transcripts should be sent directly to LSAC.
  • LSAC will submit updated LSAT scores. If you have an application on file, LSAC will automatically send us a new LSAT score and add it to your file.
  • Updated resumes can be emailed to [email protected].
  • Additional letters of recommendation can be submitted through LSAC, or the writers can email to [email protected]. We can only accept up to four letters of recommendation, including the ones an applicant initially included in their application.
  • Addenda can be emailed to [email protected].
  • Letters of continued interest can be emailed to [email protected].