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Faculty Podcasts

Faculty Podcasts

Fordham Law School faculty tackle the latest issues impacting business and the future of democracy. Subscribe to these podcasts for updates on public policy and law topics.

Fordham Faculty Podcast Democracy's Future

Democracy's Future

Is democracy falling apart in the United States and around the world? In season two, Prof. Julie Suk and Prof. Zephyr Teachout return with internationally renowned experts to dig into the big questions facing democracy and its uncertain future.



Fordham Faculty Podcast Startup Lawnchpad

Startup LAWnchpad

Produced by Bernice Grant, clinical associate professor and founding director of the Entrepreneurial Law Clinic, “Startup LAWnchpad” empowers entrepreneurs by educating them about legal strategies to form, grow, and protect a startup.


Bite-sized Business podcast logo 240x240

Bite-sized Business Law

Dig into the most compelling business law issues of the moment with host Amy Martella, executive director of the Corporate Law Center. “Bite-Sized Business Law” tackles big issues in small doses through interviews with corporate attorneys, industry experts, public figures, and business law scholars.



Podcast cover Constitutional Crisis Hotline

Constitutional Crisis Hotline

From Supreme Court cases on abortion to affirmative action and elections, experts weigh in on major constitutional crises that grab the headlines. Professor Julie Suk discusses whether the U.S. Constitution is capable of adapting to democracy in the twenty-first century.