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Medieval Studies Events

The Center for Medieval Studies sponsors many events throughout the year to encourage increased interest, knowledge, and study of the Middle Ages. Our annual conferences highlight one theme per year and attract participants from all over the globe. Our Fall and Spring Lecture Series provide a forum for scholars in the field to come and present new material to the local medievalist community. We also host smaller symposia on specific scholarly questions, and run a series of workshops on Professional Issues in Medieval Studies. For more information about our events, please email [email protected] 

Spring 2023

Tuesday, February 7
York Medieval Lecture
Fozia Bora (University of Leeds) 
12:30pm ET/5:30 GMT | Zoom 
Co-sponsored with The Centre for Medieval Studies at York, Department of History of Art at York, the Henri Pirenne Institute for Medieval Studies at Ghent, and the Centre for Medieval Literature (Southern Denmark and York) 

Wednesday, February 8
"Cinematic Imaginaries of Medieval England: Examining Race and Nation in ‘Angevin’ Film, 1938-1964" 
Esther Cuenca (University of Houston-Victoria)
5:30pm-7pm | Fordham University Rose Hill | Keating 3rd

Monday, February 27 
"Reproducing Wenches: Histories of Intersectional Disadvantage" 
Carissa Harris (Temple University)
1:00-2:30pm | Fordham University Rose Hill | Bepler Commons 

Saturday, March 4 & Sunday March 5
The 42nd Annual Conference, Fordham Center for Medieval Studies
Lost & Found: The Legacies of Greek Culture in the Global Middle Ages
Fordham University Lincoln Center, Leon Lowenstein Building 12th Floor Lounge 
Co-sponsored with Fordham's Center for Orthodox Studies and Department of Theology

Wednesday, March 22
Elements and Edges: Inhabitable and Uninhabitable Worlds in Medieval Encyclopaedias
Luke Sunderland (Durham University)
5:30pm-7:00pm | Fordham University Rose Hill | Room TBD 

Monday, March 27th
A workshop with 2023 Medieval Fellow, Dr. Marianne Ailes 
Tolerance, difference, respect: exploring attitudes to the religious Other in crusading literature. 
Fordham University Rose Hill | Room TBD 

Friday, March 31
NYC Inter-University Doctoral Consortium Medieval Studies Symposium
Organized by the CUNY Graduate Center
9:30am-4:00pm | John Jay College

Wednesday, April 12
"Unseen/Unheard: Images of Silence in Medieval Art"
Vincent Debiais (L’école des hautes études en sciences sociales)
5:30pm-7:00pm | Fordham University Rose Hill | Keating 3rd 

Tuesday, May 16
Book Launch: Christian Supremacy: Reckoning with the Roots of Antisemitism and Racism
Magda Teter (History & Jewish Studies, Fordham), with a panel discussion featuring Bryan Massingale (Theology, Fordham) and Jed Shugerman (Fordham Law School), moderated by David Gibson (Center on Religion and Culture, Fordham)
4:00pm | Fordham University, Lincoln Center | Room TBD & Zoom 
Co-sponsored by Fordham's Center for Jewish Studies, Fordham's Center on Religion and Culture, Fordham Law School, and Fordham's Institute on Religion, Law & Lawyer's Work. 

For more information on current events at the Center for Medieval Studies, follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Fall 2022

Sunday October 2
Fort Tryon Medieval Festival: Ask A Medievalist Booth
Fort Tryon Park

Wednesday October 5 
“Singing Truth to Power: Medieval Protest Music" by Alkemie Early Music
Fordham Lincoln Center, 12th Floor Lounge
co-sponsored with the Dept. of Art History and Music 

Monday October 17
Medieval Movie Night: The Northman (2022)
Fordham Rose Hill, Keating 1st Auditorium
with commentary by Sean Spillane (Fordham English PhD)

Monday, October 24 
"The many lives of (sal) ammoniac: Finding the tacit tradition of materia medica in eleventh- and twelfth-century Sicily"
Robin Reich (Fordham Medieval Fellow)
Fordham Rose Hill, Joseph McShane Campus Center 112

Friday, November 4
“Indigeneity in the Early Medieval North Atlantic”
Tarren Andrews (University of Colorado - Boulder)
Fordham Rose Hill, Walsh Library, O'Hare Special Collections
Co-sponsored with Dept. of English

Saturday November 5
Reframing the Tudors: A Symposium to Accompany the Exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art
Fordham Lincoln Center, 12th Floor Lounge 
Co-sponsored by RSA and Metropolitan Museum of Art

Monday November 14
Medieval Movie Night: Ironclad (2011)
with commentary by Nicholas Paul (MVST/ History)
Fordham Rose Hill, Location TBD

Monday December 12
Medieval Studies Holdiay Party 

Spring 2022

A Roundtable Discussion with the editors of postmedieval
Sara Ritchey (Associate Professor of History, University of Tennessee, Knoxville), Shazia Jagot (Lecturer in Medieval and Global Literature, University of York), Julie Orlemanski (Associate Professor of English, University of Chicago)
Wednesday February 16

The Point of the Soul: Facts and Values from Ulysses' Quest to Dante's Examination on Love
Alison Cornish (NYU)
Monday March 7th
Butler Commons | Rose Hill

Cultures of Exchange: Mercantile Mentalities Between Italy and the World
41st Annual Conference of the Center for Medieval Studies, Fordham University
Saturday-Sunday, March 26-27, 2022
Lincoln Center 

Medieval Movie Night: Al Nasser Salah Ad-Din/ Saladin the Victorious (1963)
Friday April 1st
McNally Amphitheatre | Lincoln Center

Economic Consolidation and the Decline of Puigcerdà in the 14th Century
Elizabeth Comuzzi (Fordham)
Thursday April 28th
Butler Commons | Rose Hill

Fall 2021

The Cloisters and the Jews in Medieval Spain: A Conversation on Art, Literature, and History
Peter Cole, Katrin Kogman-Appel, and Jonathan Ray
Sunday, September 19
Zoom Webinar
Sponsored by Fordham Center for Jewish Studies and the Met Cloisters

The Now of the Rose
Melanie Garcia Sympson, Elina Gertsman, Sandra Hindman, Meradith McMunn, Christine McWebb, Jonathan Morton, and Stephen G. Nichols
Wednesday, October 20
Zoom Webinar
Co-sponsored with Les Enluminures

Ghent Autumn School in Medieval Languages and Cultures
Scales of Knowledge: From Cosmos to Book
Monday, October 18 - Thursday, October 21

Image as Compilation: Jerusalem in the Liber Floridus and Beyond
Hanna Vorholt (Universisty of York) 
Thursday, October 21

Autumn School co-sponsored with The Henri Pirenne Institute for Medieval Studies (Ghent), Centre for Medieval Literature (Odense and York), The Center for Medieval Studies (York)

Virtual Lecture with Karla Mallette (University of Michigan)
Wednesday, November 10

Finding India: Land, Language, and History in The Book of John Mandeville & Pehr Kalm's Travels  
Suzanne Conklin Akbari (Princeton - IAS)
Wednesday, December 1
O'Hare Special Collections, Walsh Library, 4th Floor | Rose Hill

Exhibiting Medieval Spain: Yesterday and Today 
Sunday, December 5, 1:00pm
Zoom Webinar 
Sponsored by the Fordham Center for Jewish Studies and the Met Cloisters

Putting on Cologne: An Exploration of a Medieval City
Ephraim Shoham-Steiner (Ben-Gurion University)
Wednesday, December 8
Co-sponsored with the Fordham Center for Jewish Studies


Spring 2021

Alexander the Minorite's Commentary on Revelation: Crusade and Prophecy in the Time of Frederick II
Jay Rubenstein 9 (UNC Dornsife)
Wednesday, February 3

Annual Conference
Medieval French without Borders

Online, with pre-recorded videos, zoom webinars, zoom discussions, and a final roundtable
March 20-21, 2021

Fall 2020

The Impostor Sea: Fraud in the Medieval Mediterranean
Hussein Fancy (University of Michigan)
Tuesday, September 29

Women and Wills in Medieval London: A Master Class
Caroline Barron (University of London)
Wednesday, October 21

"Go Forth and Learn”: The Artist Joel ben Simeon and a Newly Discovered Hebrew Manuscript
A joint program between Fordham's Center for Jewish Studies and Les Enluminures, featuring Sandra Hindman, Sharon Liberman Mintz, Nina Rowe, with a keynote by Katrin Kogman-Appel
Thursday, October 22

Seminar and Workshop: Pandemics through Time: The Renaissance Experience and Modern Pedagogy
Friday, November 13, 10:00am via Zoom
Co-sponsored with the Renaissance Society of America

Holy Healing: Saints and Leprosy in the Middle Ages
Jennifer Edwards (Manhattan College)
Thursday, December 3

Spring 2020

Faculty Book Talk: Getting the Blues: Vision and Cognition in the Middle Ages (2018)
Brian J. Reilly (Fordham University)
Friday, January 17
Campbell Hall, Multipurpose Room | Rose Hill

Sweet Friendship: Courtly Song & Dance from 15th-century France and Italy
Alkemie Early Music
Friday, January 24
Tognino Hall, Duane Library | Rose Hill
Saturday, January 25, 2020, 7:30 p.m. 
Pope Auditorium, Leon Lowenstein Building (Lincoln Center)
Co-sponsored with the Department of Art History and Music

Medieval Movie Night: The Princess Bride
Friday, February 7

Scripture Transformed in Late Medieval England: The Religious, Artistic, and Social Worlds of the Welles-Ros Bible (Paris, BnF fr. 1)
Kathryn Smith (New York University)
Thursday, February 27
McMahon 109 | Lincoln Center

Planets and Angels, Facts and Values: Paradiso 29
Alison Cornish (New York University)
Tuesday, March 10
O'Hare Special Collections, Walsh Library | Rose Hill

The following events were canceled following the closure of the University due to COVID-19.

Medieval Movie Night: The 13th Warrior
Friday, April 3, 2020

A Concert by Collegium Musicum Fordhamense
Collegium Musicum Fordhamense
Friday, April 24
Butler Gallery | Lincoln Center
Co-sponsored with the Department of Art History and Music

Peter Lombard from the Manuscripts: Teaching, Career, and the Schools of Paris
Mark Clark (Catholic University of America)
Wednesday, April 29
O'Hare Special Collections, Walsh Library | Rose Hill

Medieval Movie Night: Becket
Friday, May 1

Fall 2019

"The Series: Hoccleve's Year of Mourning"
Sebastian Sobecki (University of Groningen)
Tuesday, September 17
O'Hare Special Collections | Rose HIll
Co-sponsored with Department of English

25th Annual Fort Tryon Park Medieval Festival
Sunday, September 29
Fort Tryon Park

"Geographic Information Systems, Reflectance Transformation Imaging, and the Prosopography of 13th-Century London"
John McEwan (Post-Doctoral Fellow, Walter Ong SJ Center for Digital Humanities, St. Louis University)
Tuesday, October 8
FMH 314 | Rose Hill
Co-sponsored with the Fordham Digital Humanities Consortium

Jews and Christians in the Medieval City: Art, Archaeology, and Traces of the Past
Thursday, October 24
McNally Amphitheatre | Lincoln Center

Biduum Latinum 2019 - De Architectura: Writings on Architecture from Antiquity to the Renaissance
Thursday and Friday, October 24 and 25
Featuring: Posicio Officinarum [monasterii], Codex Sangallensis 1092 (c. 820-830)
presented by Prof. Scott Bruce (History / Medieval Studies)
Friday, October 25
Walsh Library | Rose Hill
For the remaining schedule see here: Thursday. October 24 and Friday, October 25

"Memoria Sefardí"
Judith Cohen (York University)
Tuesday, October 29
Butler Commons | Rose Hill

"Writing as Wayfinding: Pilgrimage Ecopoetics and the Medieval Moment"
Susan Signe Morrison, University of Texas
Wednesday, November 6 
O'Hare Special Collections | Rose Hill
Co-sponsored with the Department of Art History and Music, and the Program in Jewish Studies

"Jerusalem: City of the Book"
Merav Mack (Hebrew University of Jerusalem) and Benjamin Balint
Wednesday, November 13
McNally Amphitheatre | Lincoln Center
Co-sponsored with the Center for Orthodox Studies

"My Bestial Half: a Roman de Fauvel Project"
A concert by Collegium Musicum Fordhamense
Friday, December 6
McNally Amphitheatre | Lincoln Center
Co-sponsored with the Department of Art History and Music

Spring 2019

"Everyone Has Problems. Difficult Documents and Messy Manuscripts: a Workshop"
Thursday, May 2
McMahon 109 |  Lincoln Center 

Social and Sacred in the Medieval Haggadah
Adam Cohen (University of Toronto)
Wednesday, April 10, 2019
McNally Amphitheatre | Lincoln Center
Co-Sponsored with the Program in Jewish Studies and the Department of Art History and Music

Ritual and Religion in the Medieval World
39th Annual Conference of the Center for Medieval Studies, Fordham University
Saturday - Sunday, March 30-31
Lincoln Center

Fordham University Library MS 3, Private Collectors, and Public Libraries: The World of Linked Data
William P. Stoneman (Curator of Early Books and Manuscripts, Houghton Library, Harvard University)
First Annual Fordham Library Associates Lecture
Monday, February 11, 2019 
O’Hare Special Collections, Walsh Library | Rose Hill
Co-sponsored with the Center for Medieval Studies

Cyprus, 1400: Island at the Crossroads of Culture
Concert presented by Alkemie Early Music Ensemble
Friday February 8
Lincoln Center 

Guess Who's Coming to Seder: Skin Color in the Iberian Haggadot
Pamela Patton (Director of the Index of Medieval Art, Princeton University)
Thursday, January 24
McMahon 109 | Lincoln Center
Co-Sponsored with the Program in Jewish Studies and the Department of Art History and Music

Fall 2018

Flowers of the Trecento: A Concert by Collegium Musicum Fordhamense
Part of the Fordham University Concert Series presented by the departments of Medieval Studies, Art History and Music
Directed by Jacqueline Horner-Kwiatek
Thursday, November 29 
Ildiko Butler Gallery | Lincoln Center

Bonaventure Colloquium: The Entrance of God into Theology
Emmanuel Falque  (Institut catholique de Paris)
Thursday, October 25
Duane Library, Bepler Commons | Rose Hill Campus
Co-sponsored with the Department of Philosophy

The Work of Gothic Sculpture in the Age of Photographic Reproduction
Jacqueline Jung  (Yale University)
Thursday, October 18 
Lincoln Center Campus
Co-sponsored with the Department of Art History and Music, and the Department of Jewish Studies

Classical and Medieval Astronomy: the Phaenomena, Pliny and the Presentation of the Heavens
Eric Ramirez-Weaver (University of Virginia)
Friday, October 12
American Museum of Natural History, Kaufmann Theater
Sponsored by the Amateur Astronomers Association of New York
Co-sponsored by Fordham's Department of Classics and the Center for Medieval Studies

Biduum Latinum 2018 - De Arte Astonomica: Astronomy in Antiquity, Middle Ages, and Renaissance
Saturday, October 13
Pliny the Elder, Historia Naturalis, Bk. II (c. 79 AD)
Guillelmus de Conchis, Dragmaticon Philosophiae (c. 1150)
Nicolaus Copernicus, De Revolutionibus Orbium Caelestium (1543)
4:45 - 5:30 p.m. - Missa Latina (= Latin Mass) - Spellman Hall
Celebrated by Fr. Chris Cullen, SJ (Dept. of Philosophy)

The 34th Annual Medieval Festival at Fort Tryon Park
Sunday, September 30
Fort Tryon Park |  Met Cloisters

The Question of Middle English Romance
Nicola McDonald (York University)
Tuesday, September 11
O'Hare Special Collections, Walsh Library | Rose Hill

Digital Day 2018
August 22-23
Walsh Library 044 | Rose Hill
Download the event program.
Thank you to all who attended or participated in this event.
View collected reportage of what took place at Digital Day.

Spring 2018

Hymns, Heresy, and Hockets: Performing Philippe de Vitry
The Departments of Medieval Studies and Music at Fordham University Concert Series
Tuesday, April 24
Leon Lowenstein Center, 12th Floor Lounge | Lincoln Center 

The War of Towers: Italian Maritime Rivalries in Thirteenth-Century Crusader Syria
Thomas Madden (St. Louis University)
Thursday, April 12
Bepler Commons | Rose Hill Campus

Inside Out: Dress and Identity in the Middle Ages
38th Annual Conference of the Center for Medieval Studies
Saturday and Sunday, March 17-18
McNally Amphitheater | Lincoln Center 

Guiraut Riquier's Songs: Time and Memory
Susan Boynton (Columbia University)
Wednesday, February 21
O'Hare Special Collections, Walsh Library | Rose Hill

The Trinitarian Debates, the Rise of Theological Debates, and the Parting of the Ways in Late Antiquity
Emanuel Fiano (Fordham University)
Tuesday, January 23
O'Hare Special Collections, Walsh Library | Rose Hill

Fall 2017

A Flower in Winter: The Challenges and Rewards of Singing Hildegard
Jacqueline Horner-Kwiatek, mezzo-soprano (formerly of Anonymous 4)
Monday, November 27
12th Floor Lounge, Leon Lowenstein Center | Lincoln Center 
Co-sponsored by the Music Department

Realism Versus Reality in Dante's Paradiso
Teodolinda Barolini (Columbia University)
Wednesday, November 8
O'Hare Special Collections, Walsh Library | Rose Hill

Roman Royal Histories: The Cultural Legacies of Kingdoms Allied to the Roman Empire After Their Annexation
Richard Teverson (Fordham University)
Thursday, October 19
O'Hare Special Collections, Walsh Library | Rose Hill

Total Medicine: An Approach to the Corpus of Anglo-Saxon Healing Texts
John D. Niles  (UC Berkeley and Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison)
Friday, September 29
O'Hare Special Collections, Walsh Library | Rose Hill