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The Center for Medieval Studies regularly hosts scholars in one of two programs:

The Medieval Fellows program offers post-doctoral medievalists the opportunity to be affiliated with the Center for one to two semesters if they plan to reside in the New York City Area.  Fellows are expected to attend Center events and participate in the intellectual life of the University during their residency.

Visiting Fellows can be pre- or post-doctoral medievalist scholars in residence in New York City for shorter periods and up to one year.

Applicants need only submit one application in order to be considered for both of the Fellows Programs.

Also see the list of Past Fellows 

Current Fellows

Christine Axen (2017-2018) PhD Boston University. 
Project: "Mapping the Bishop of Avignon: Sources of Episcopal Power in the Thirteenth Century"
Christine Axen researches episcopal history, female religiosity, and sacred landscapes in thirteenth-century Avignon, France.  She received her PhD from Boston University in 2015 and is currently revising her dissertation, “Mapping the Bishop of Avignon: Sources of Episcopal Power in the Thirteenth Century,” as a monograph exploring the political, religious, and cultural history of Provence in the high Middle Ages.  During her time at Fordham, she is also contributing to the Center for Medieval Studies’ digitization and translation project of the Anglo-Norman text Siege d’Antioche, as well as working on an article that uses digital mapping to visualize the charter collections of a relocated Cistercian convent in Avignon.

Pauline Dorio (Fall 2017) PhD  Universite Paris 3 - Nouvelle Sorbonne
Project: "La plume en l'absence': familiar verse epistles in early printed poetry collections (1527-1555)"

Lisa Tagliaferri (Fall 2017) PhD, CUNY Graduate Center
Project: "Lyrical Mysticism: The Writing and Reception of Catherine of Siena"

Deborah Gail Shulevitz (Spring 2018) PhD, Columbia University 
Project: "Heresy, Money, and Society in Southern France, 1175-1325" 
During her time as a Medieval Fellow at Fordham, she will be following up on her dissertation project in several ways. Deborah is working on an article addressing the historiographical debate among medieval historians over the nature and existence of the Cathar heresy in Languedoc. She has also begun preliminary research for a project examining the use of mortgage contracts in twelfth and thirteenth century Languedoc. In addition, she is working on revisions to her dissertation in preparation for submitting a book proposal.

Simon Parsons (Spring 2018) 
Project: "The Old French Siege of Antioch: Preparing a Full Online Edition and Translation of the Siège d’Antioche"
Simon Thomas Parsons is an early-career researcher working on the literary culture of the early crusading movement, Anglo-Norman involvement in the crusades, medieval letter-writing, and the chansons de geste. He has taught at Royal Holloway, University of London and King's College London, and, during his time at Fordham's Center for Medieval Studies, will be working on an international collaborative project to edit the Old French Siege d'Antioche, the only major unpublished-in-full medieval narrative of the First Crusade, in an accessible online form. He will also be carrying out additional research for his planned monograph: The First Crusade: Text and Tradition. Dr Parsons received his PhD from Royal Holloway, University of London in 2016, his thesis having been subject to examination by Professor Marcus Bull (UNC Chapel Hill) and Dr Marianne Ailes (University of Bristol).