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Emanuel Fiano

Emanuel Fiano Profile Photo 2016

Assistant Professor

Department of Theology
Rose Hill Campus
441 East Fordham Road
Bronx, New York 10458



A native of Rome, Fiano researches the intellectual history of late ancient Christianities, with a particular focus on Syriac and Coptic literature, on religious controversies, and on Christian-Jewish relations. His dissertation, Three Powers in Heaven: The Trinitarian Controversies in Fourth-Century Syria and the Christian-Jewish Continuum, examines the relevance of the fourth-century debates about Christ’s relationship to the Father—also known as Trinitarian controversies—for the so-called ‘parting of ways’ between Christianity and Judaism.


PhD, Duke University

MA, Duke University

Laurea triennale, Sapienza University of Rome

Research Interests

Fiano’s published or submitted research to date includes editions of Syriac and Coptic hagiographical texts and studies of the fourth-century Syriac author Aphrahat, of the Pseudo-Clementine corpus, of the history of Christianity in the Syrian city of Edessa (modern Urfa, in Turkey), of the polemical tenor of the Discourses composed by the fourth-to-fifth-century Egyptian monastic leader Shenoute of Atripe, and of the twentieth-century historiography of ancient ‘Jewish Christianity.’ He is currently at work on article-length examinations of Shenoute’s dealings with Judaism and of Valentinian theories of names.


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