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Galina Krasskova

Galina Krasskova

History of Christianity  


B.A.   Religious Studies – Empire State College 2007
M.A. Religious Studies - New York University, 2009
M.A. Medieval Studies - Fordham University, 2019


Galina Krasskova is a doctoral candidate in the department of Theology program at Fordham University. A professional ballet dancer before moving into academia, she specializes in late antique and early medieval Christianity.  Her research explores the topics of embodiment, masculinity, asceticism, and the holy specifically through the lens of eunuch. Her MA thesis, titled Less is More: Eunuchism, Self-Castration, Spiritual Castration, and Mystical Marriage from Tertullian to Cassian, offers a history of the cultural poetics of the eunuch in the early Church. It examines the response of early Church fathers to the idea of castration for spiritual purposes and the ways in which sexual renunciation was privileged within early Christian cultures. 

Galina holds an MA in Religious Studies from New York University and an MA in Medieval Studies from Fordham University. She has an extensive background in Classics and has taught Latin for over ten years. She has also published widely on religious topics in the popular press, most recently in the bi-annual journal Walking the Worlds.