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Our mission is to advance the critical and constructive study of the ideas, symbols, narratives, beliefs, and practices of religious traditions, with particular attention to the rich diversity of Catholic Christian theology. In the tradition of Jesuit education, we promote the informed exploration of faith and justice from ecumenical, interreligious, and global perspectives. We aspire to do so in an imaginative, interdisciplinary manner that values the important contributions of the humanities, arts, and sciences. We seek to foster theological study and dialogue for the academy, for ecclesial communities, and for the public sphere. Professors and students collaborate to cultivate an environment for undergraduate and graduate studies that prizes academic excellence, lively theological inquiry, and care for students’ intellectual and personal growth, with a view to the implications of learning for living.

Theology News and Accomplishments

Join Theology as a Major or Minor

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A degree in Theology will take you on an imaginative and interdisciplinary journey to and through the intersection of faith, culture, and justice with our talented faculty. Firmly rooted in our Jesuit tradition, we embrace and promote ecumenical, inter-religious, and global perspectives and the contributions of the humanities, the arts, and the natural and social sciences. Visit our undergraduate website to see how you can become a Theology major or minor, and contact us with your interest or questions. Thank you!  

Now accepting applications for Master of Theological Studies program

In Fall 2023 we welcomed our inaugural cohort of scholars into Fordham's intensive, two-year Master of Theological Studies (MTS) program. We are welcoming applications for the next cohort starting in Fall 2024. Tuition scholarships are available. Applications for next year's cohort are invited through April 1, 2024. See the full details for applications on our MTS application page.

Theology faculty member releases book

A photo of Larry Welborn, professor of Scripture, specifically the New Testament and Pauline Epistles, in the Theology Department of Fordham University. Dr. Welborn stands in front of a lake with a low mountain on the opposite shore.

Dr. Larry Welborn released his book, That There May Be Equality: Paul's Appeal for Partnership in the Collection, through Fortress Academic Press in August 2023. In this entry in the Paul in Critical Contexts series, Welborn traces the emergence of Paul's concern about inequality in the ekklēsia of Christ believers at Corinth, analyzes Paul's invocation of the principle of "equality" in 2 Corinthians, and brings Paul's appeal to "equality" into our global economic crisis.

Dr. Welborn is a Professor in Fordham University's Theology Department in the area of biblical studies, particularly the New Testament. His publications have explored Paul’s letters and First Clement in four contexts of Greco-Roman culture: politics, the theater, friendship, and the emotions. A secondary area of research interest for Dr. Welborn is the reception history of Paul’s Epistle to the Romans.