Theology Events

The 15th Annual
Julio Burunat, Ph.D.,Memorial Lecture

POPE FRANCIS ASMORAL LEADER: Ethicist, Discerner,Communicator andAdvocate for Social Justice

Presented by Thomas Massaro,S.J., Ph.D., a professor of moral theology, with a specialization in Catholic social ethics and public theology.

Sunday, October 29, 2023 | 5:30 p.m.
Lincoln Center | 12th Floor Lounge


Recent decades have witnessed a particular type of moralleadership exercised by such global religious figures asthe Dalai Lama and recent popes of the Roman CatholicChurch. While each has placed a distinctive "spin" on theenactment of leadership qualities in the pursuit of ethicalgoals, Pope Francis has redefined the role of moral leaderin remarkable ways. He has articulated and advanced amoral agenda that includes bold reform of churchstructures, creative initiatives for greater inclusion of themarginalized, and engagement with such pressing globalchallenges as climate change, escalating economicinequality and the refugee crisis. In both the style andsubstance of his leadership, Francis has energizedmillions of the faithful while also garnering considerableopposition.

This presentation will describe and analyze how PopeFrancis has functioned as an ethicist (in deeds beyondmere words), as the church's discerner-in-chief (solidly inthe Jesuit tradition), as a skilled communicator, and as atireless advocate for social justice and peace. The manyethical achievements of his papacy have reshaped therole played by the Catholic Church across the globe.


This event is free and open to the public. Registration is required. Please email: [email protected]