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Letters of Recommendation

Your professors would be happy to write letters of recommendation for your applications for graduate schools, prestigious fellowships, study abroad programs, and jobs.

In order to write a really effective letter, we need YOU to help us. Please provide your professors with the following information:

  • A brief written statement of your goals, so that we can refer to them in our letters.
  • The resumé you are including, and your applications.
  • A reminder of the classes you took with us, and the papers you wrote.
  • A list of the extra-curricular activities you have pursued (internships, volunteer work, hobbies, etc.) and achievements, honors, or awards you have received.
  • A list of the addresses to which these letters should be sent.
  • A FIRM due date for your letter(s). Give us enough time to write a good letter for you. “Immediate” requests may not be possible.