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Purchasing Thresholds for Grants

New Uniform Guidance Regulations – July 1, 2018 – procurement requirements are in effect.

Organizations, such as Fordham University, receiving federal awards will now be in compliance with the new procurement requirements included in the Federal 2 CFR 200 policy. The uniform guidance sets specific requirements for each of five types of procurement: micropurchases, small purchases, sealed bids, competitive proposals, and sole-source items.

General Standards

  1. Documented Policies
  2. Necessary
  3. Full and Open Competition
  4. Conflict of Interest
  5. Documentation
    • Cost and Price Analysis
    • Vendor Selection
Purchasing Classification Types
Purchase Type Characteristics and Requirements
Below simplified acquisition threshold of $150,000
  • Purchases under $9,999
  • Requisition, Checklist, and Quote needed for over  $5,000
  • No cost or price analysis required
  • Should be distributed among a range of qualified vendors
  • Use inter-entity agreements (NY state, GSA, Group) where applicable
Small Purchases
  • From $10,000 to $150,000
  • Price or rate quotes required from an adequate number of sources
  • Should be distributed among a range of vendors
  • Use inter-entity agreements where applicable (NY State and Group Agreements)
Above simplified acquisition threshold of $150,000 (Construction – Not under Procurement Review)
Sealed Bids
  • Typically used for construction contracts
  • Bids must be publicly solicited
  • Two or more bidders are willing and able to compete and qualified to do the work
  • Complete, adequate, and realistic specification or purchase description if available
  • Firm fixed-price contract is feasible; a bidder can be selected based on price
Competitive Proposals
  • Requires request-for-proposal process and solicitation of an adequate number of bidders
  • Written method of evaluation, considering price as well as other factors advantageous to the program (cost, quality, service)
Above or below simplified acquisition threshold

Noncompetitive Proposals Sole Source Single Source

Falls into one or more of these four circumstances:

  • Item available only from a single source
  • Public exigency or emergency won’t permit a delay resulting from competitive solicitation
  • Expressly authorized by the awarding agency or pass-through entity (contained in the Grant)
  • Competition is determined to be inadequate after solicitation
Special Form Required Justification
Amex Corporate Card – Treasury Department –May only use for travel purposes - limit of $4,999