Office of Finance Purchasing Manual

This Manual identifies the procedures applicable to purchasing goods and services at Fordham University. It was developed to promote the use of good business practices, to ensure that the University meets federal and state requirements, and to limit the University's risk and liability exposure.  Because Fordham receives research funding from federal and state agencies, it is important that all buyers and university personnel understand government rules and regulations pertaining to purchasing with government funds, as well as university purchasing policies and procedures.

The Purchasing Manual should be used as a guideline for university employees authorized to obligate University funds.

While procedures and policies are maintained and adhered to by our staff, there are instances that necessitate alternative processes.

The Office of Procurement is charged with establishing, strengthening and maintaining alliances between the University community and its vendors by acting as the University’s primary consumer advocate and researcher, in order to attain the best value, necessary goods and services at the best possible, most competitive cost, without sacrificing and compromising quality, honesty, integrity, and fairness.

The Procurement staff will:

  • Create and maintain a professional and well-informed work environment.
  • Provide the University community with information pertaining to goods and services.
  • Educate the University community on the benefits of combined purchasing.
  • Leverage the power of information to purchase intelligently, thus maximizing financial resources.
  • Procure goods and services in a professional and collaborative manner.
  • Utilize the competitive bid system where the University’s purchasing power is realized.
  • Maintain formal procurement processes and procedures that adhere to good business practices and that are in compliance with regulatory requirements.
  • Be committed to staff development: to achieve excellence and stay in the forefront of procurement practices in order to provide quality service in a professional and well-informed manner.
  • Develop and disseminate informational documents/tools to the University community that will support Client Users in making fact-based decisions.
  • Accommodate departmental needs and exceed their expectations with quality goods and services provided in a prompt and cost-effective manner.