Purchasing Organization and Objectives

The Fordham University Purchasing Department is a service department, whose main goal is to acquire materials, supplies, equipment, and services needed at the best possible price and quality. Here in Purchasing, we have the knowledge, experience and the tools to provide the University Community with the information needed to purchase the highest quality goods and services in the most cost-effective way possible.

Fordham Purchasing is located in Faculty Memorial Hall, Room 131
General Information Call: 718-817-4910

Mailing Address
441 East Fordham Road
FMH -131
Bronx, NY. 10458

  • The Purchasing Department has been given the responsibility to function as the University’s representative with vendors, to ensure that the User Department’s needs are accommodated with quality goods and services in a prompt, cost-efficient manner and to commit the University to binding contracts within the guidelines of University policy. This responsibility includes the selection of vendors, negotiation of price and assurance of quality and prompt delivery to the University.

    Purchasing is also responsible for the development of standards, specifications, materials, and systems in conjunction with the User Departments. It is responsible for advising User Departments on the availability and value of materials and services in the marketplace.

    The Purchasing Department is obligated by the University and Internal Audit to maintain a formal procurement system. Its purchasing files are subject to audit by federal and state agencies and must include proper documentation (e.g., purchase orders, contract negotiations, bid awards, sole source justifications, etc.).

  • The Purchasing Department of the Office of Procurement provides Fordham University’s administration, faculty, and staff members with the following services:

    • RFP, Request for Proposal for product sourcing, identification, and fulfillment.
    • Green Initiative Programs – Sustainability Committee.
    • Online procurement of Office Supplies – Staples Business Advantage.
    • Multi-campus fleet copier services – Canon Solutions America.
    • Procurement Card Direct ordering of Instructional Material.
    • Specifications for specialty products and services.
    • Negotiating volume discounts.
    • Facilitating purchases.
    • Maintaining Ancillary Support Services.
    • Reducing the vendor base while increasing buying power.
    • Enhancing service quality and follow through.
    • Adhering to the University’s processes including Insurance requirements.
    • Benchmarking.
    • Establishing Vendor Standards (Vendor Questionnaire).
    • Providing the University community with the “Best Value” procurement opportunities.
    • Problem Resolution and Facilitating.
    • Reconciling interdepartmental charges.
  • The Purchasing Department takes pride in applying our core values by:

    • Seeking, establishing, and maintaining supplier relationships that foster the premise of best quality at the lowest cost.
    • Improving processes to facilitate ease of procurement.
    • Understanding and responding to our customers’ business needs and challenges.
    • Remaining open, competitive, and fair in our business practices.
    • Retaining the integrity and confidentiality of the information we utilize in compliance with applicable law and accreditation requirements.
    • Developing and fostering a dynamic, proactive, and committed relationship with all activities with which we are associated.
  • Our vision is to create customer satisfaction by providing value and efficiency to each purchase request, while adhering to University policy, federal and state mandates,and sound business practices. The Purchasing Department maintains a commitment to excellence through professional ethics and practices. We abide by the University’s Purchasing Policies and Procedures while aiming to develop and implement operational procedures that provide the highest level of service.