Budgeted Funds

All funds are considered to be University funds and as such are to be expended in accordance with University policy.

  • All purchases charged to University funds require valid and complete fund, organization, account and program numbers. These numbers are established, issued, maintained, and, monitored by the University Finance Budget Office. Care should be taken to use the account number which best describes the item(s) being purchased as it is important that the University knows on what goods/services its funds are being expended. The Budget Office may correct or change erroneous or inaccurate Orgs or accounts to best reflect the nature of the items being purchased.

  • Each account has a designated "Budget Manager" as established by the University Finance Office. This individual must approve all charges to his/her account, unless this authority is delegated, in writing, to another individual(s).

    The signature of the Budget Manager (or his/her designee) on the Purchase Requisition (or other procurement documents) attests to the availability of funds. Each Organization Manager should ensure funds are available to cover the costs of contemplated purchases.

  • In addition to normal University procedures, all Sponsored Programs accounts are subject to guidelines established by the Office of Sponsored Programs. It is the responsibility of the P.I. (Principal Investigator) to be aware of and in compliance with the specific contract or grant requirements. Purchase requisitions may be reviewed by the Office of Sponsored Programs for approval before processing to assure compliance with grant and contract terms.

    Download the External Awards Manual at fordham.edu/osp for further details.