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Modern Languages and Literatures Adjunct Faculty

SPRING  2023
BENEDUCE CLAUDIA RH IT 557 2651 [email protected]
BUSTOS MARIA NATALIA RH SP 557 2651 [email protected]
CAYER JONATHAN LC FR LL924 6381 [email protected]
DEGREGORIO SARAFINA DR. RH IT KE B25 O798 [email protected]
GIRARDI ELISABETTA LC IT LL924 6381 [email protected]
FROMENT NILS LC FR LL924 6381 [email protected]
HALPERIN HAGIT GORAL LC HE LL924 6381 [email protected]
HANABURGH SARA C. DR. RH FR 557 2651 [email protected]
HE NING RH CH 557 2651 [email protected]
HOCHBERG JUDITH DR. RH SP 557 2651 [email protected]
KAPOOR CECILIA (lecturer S-23) RH FR 557 2651 [email protected]
KIM, EUN JI LC JP LL924 6381 [email protected]
LAI TINNY LC CH LL924 6381 [email protected]
LEUNG CATHY LC FR LL924 6381 [email protected]
MIELES MARIA LC SP LL924 6381 [email protected]
MINCHALA CECILIA RH SP 552 2651 [email protected]
MOSCARDI IURI LC IT LL924 6381 [email protected]
MOSSALI MATTIA LC IT LL924 6381 [email protected]
MOULAYES YASSER LC AR LL924 6381 [email protected]
NISHIDA MAYUMI LC JP LL924 6381 [email protected]
PERRIN JULIA RH GE 552 2651 [email protected]
SAKURAI, YOKO LC JP LL924 6381 [email protected]
SEHIL SONIA LC FR LL924 6381 [email protected]
WINTER PATRICIA RH FR 552 2651 [email protected]