Guidelines for Employees

Better Together

A vibrant on-campus experience for our students rests upon in-person interaction with their peers, and with faculty and staff. The full Fordham experience is best achieved when we are studying, teaching, and working in person together. We believe that the Jesuit principle of Cura Personalis is best lived in person.

Every member of the Fordham community, regardless of their role, contributes to the campus culture, and shapes the educational and work experience for students, faculty, and staff. Fordham values its employees, and seeks to attract and retain talented and thoughtful individuals who add to the campus culture. We aspire to be an equitable and desirable place to teach, learn, and work, and one in which collegiality and mission define our culture.


1. Health and safety: The health and safety of our community is our priority. Our return to work on campus will be guided by the public health directives of the federal, state, and local governments and University policy.

2. Core mission: The University‚Äôs core mission of teaching, nurturing students, scholarship, and service to others binds us together. In the transition to post-COVID work, University leaders and supervisors must prioritize our core mission.

3. Community: One of the great pleasures of working at Fordham University is participating in our vibrant community. A year apart has tested these bonds. As we move forward, we must re-establish the on-campus work experience that makes our community thrive.